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 (2) Eliminate Cancer Cells


–   For ALL Cancers

Quickly alkalizes cancer cells to stop the spreading of the cancer.

Supplies a chance of survival for even very advanced cancer patients.

The best treatment for bone cancer, unless another cancer takes precedence

General Information on Cesium Chloride / DMSO Protocol

One of the most proven cancer treatments against fast-growing, high-fatility, metastasized cancers (including to the bones), and even "irreversible" end-stage cancer patients, who have had mainstream treatment(s)

Sartori HE, Cesium therapy in cancer patients, Pharmacol Biochem Behav, 1984;21 Suppl 1:11-3 PubMed

Can be used at any stage of cancer - including those on feeding tubes or fed by I.V.

Can cause inflammation/swelling - but additional products can keep it under control.

Cesium alkalizes and destroys acidic cancer cells

Dr. A. Keith Brewer, PhD is the originator of this powerful protocol

Cesium Chloride / DMSO therapy works by getting highly alkaline cesium into highly acidic cancer cells

–   Cancer cells are anaerobic and acidic -as published by Dr. Otto Warburg in a Nobel Prize winning paper in 1924, cancer cells are anaerobic. Rather than using oxygen for cellular respiration, they ferment glucose to make cellular ATP energy. Fermentation produces lactic acid, which gradually lowers the intracellular pH (making it acidic) from around 7.3 all the way down to 6.0 or lower in advanced cancer. The lactic acid destroys cellular enzymes, which results in cellular death. A cancerous tumor becomes a a rapidly growing outer cell mass with a core of dead cells. Lactic acid also causes localized pain.

–   Once inside a cancer cell, highly alkaline cesium causes the cell's demise - by neutralizing the intracellular acidity, cesium raises the internal pH of a cancer cell to >8.0. This either directly disbles the cancer microbe inside a cell (if you hold with the microbial theory of cancer) allowing it to revert to normalor makes the cancer cell so sick that the body's immune system can deal with it. Cancer cells become dormant at a pH of 7.0, die at 7.5, and die within hours at a pH of 8.0.

–    Cesium and DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) can be taken orally or spread on bare skin

–    DMSO is used to transport cesium through the skin into the body and then through the cancer cell membranes and into cells -When mixed with a liquid or gel DMSO (a cheap by-product of wood pulping), highly alkaline cesium is carried through the skin and is able to enter and deal with cancer cells (by raising their internal pH >8.0). Dr. Brewer proved that cesium can get into cancer cells, when other nutrients cannot.


Cesium targets the cancer cells and does not enter the healthy cells

Many celebrities and executives from America went to Hanover, Germany to be treated with cesium/DMSO by Dr. Hans  A. Nieper, M.D., (1928-1998), including one President of the United States.

The cesium chloride has several effects against cancer

Makes the INSIDE of cancer cell alkaline - leading to its demise – without alkalizing the blood, the internal pH of the cell is raised to levels above 7.5 (pH <7 is acidic, >7 is alkaline), such that either the cancer microbe inside is killed (for proponents of the microbial theory of cancer), allowing the cell to revert to normal, or otherwise, the cell is weakened enough that the immune system will get rid of it.

Limits the intake of glucose into the cell - thus starving the cell;

Neutralizes lactic acid produced by fermenting cancer cell - which is actually what causes the cell to multiply uncontrollably, and eventually kills the cell;

Stops the fermentation process - a second affect of limiting the glucose (fermentation is what creates lactic acid in the first place);

Blocks the cachexia cycle in the cancer cells as opposed to hydrazine sulfate, which blocks the cycle in the liver;

Immediately stops cancer metastasis

Can start shrinking tumor masses within weeks

Almost always stops the pain of cancer within 24 to 48 hours - depending on what is causing the pain.

Dr. Brewer used a powdered cesium, today we have available a much more potent, liquid ionic form.


Do NOT use with electromedicine using frequencies <10Hz – cesium accumulates inside of the cancer cells, and transfection (sometimes incorrectly referred to as electroporation) can cause leakage from cancer cells.

There are many concerns, which need addressing

This protocol is easy to carry out, but for safety reasons, all instructions must be adhered to with due diligence

Side Effects of Protocol

One drawback of this therapy is its smell, which is somewhat akin to garlic - a small matter when in a desperate situation, but a problem if you still need to hold a job dealing with the public!

The following side effects are rare: but include flu-like symptoms, inflammation, swelling and pain, muscle cramps, needles and pins in feet / fingertips, tingly feeling in hands or face, nausea and vomiting.



Cesium chloride therapy clinics (best choice) - offer cesium by IV under medical supervision. Currently 5 locations in U.S. (Tampa, FL, Lake Elmo. MN , Alpharetta. GA, New York, NY, Grapevine, TX) 1 in Canada (Regina, Saskatchewan) and 1 in Malaga, Spain.

Vendor Support - Larry of “Essense of Life” has worked with several thousand cancer patients, and provides important free telephone support for those who buy his products (legally he can not advise anyone else). He recommends treatment for a year with ionic liquid cesium chloride combined with an alkaline diet (E.g. Budwig diet), no gluten, soy or cow's milk products, followed by a maintenance program.

Typical dose is 1.5g cesium (1 Tablespoon liquid cesium chloride) TWICE/day for a year, then continuing with a lower maintenance dose - however, those with brain cancer should start with a lower dose, since it could cause serious swelling in the brain. LIquid cesium is better absorbed than cesium carbonate.

It is necessary to supplement diet with a certain amount of potassium - since the treatment also drives potassium (as well as cesium) into cancer cells, thus reducing potassium in the blood. Also, it is absolutely necessary to continue high potassium intake for 3 months after completing cesium treatment, since the cesium accumulates and stays in cancer cells for 3 months.

Patient should maintain an alkaline diet

Transdermal Application - A mixture of DMSO and ionic liquid cesium chloride is spread over the entire body and allowed to absorb through the skin for an hour or two before being washed off. The person administering the treatment must follow very specific instructions- to ensure its efficacy and safety.

For example:

–   You can only wear certain types of gloves when applying mixture


For detailed instructions:


Not yet available


A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D. The High pH Therapy for Cancer (Tests on Mice and Humans)

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