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Protect and Support Healthy Cells

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Therapies to INCREASE energy output of healthy cells



The Cancer Diet

(incl. Antioxidants/Vitamins andMinerals)


Diet should contain nutrients that kill cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer (E.g.prevent growth of new blood vessels for feeding cancer cells, so called anti-angiogenetic foods) or in some other way help treat the cancer.



Transdermal Magnesium Chloride and/or

Nebulized Magnesium Chloride

Energize cells;production of body's major antioxidant glutathione; counteracts membrane calcification; alkalizing mineral; heavy metal detox, and more.

Magnesium levels are notoriously low in cancer patients



Utilizes Flax oil, cottage cheese (or yogurt) aand sunlight to increase cellular energy production and also boost immune system


Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT)

Powerful tapping therapy unblocks cellular communication pathways blocked by emotional trauma


Therapies to aid body's removal of dead and dying debris



Ozone Therapy

Oxidizes toxins; simplest method is to drink ozonated water (made using E.g. SOTA Ozonator)



Ionic Colloidal SIlver

Neutralizes toxins/microbes (Made using E.g. SOTA Silver Pulser to make ICS)



Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy


Alkalizing Protocol

(to neutralize damaging lactic acid produced by cancer cells)



Baking Soda + Maple Syrup

Maple syrup carries alkaline bicarbonate of soda INSIDE cancer cell to devitalize cancer microbe; also, alkalinity neutralizes lactic acid produced by cancer cells

Cachexia Treatment for those who are wasting away

(To block the energy-sapping cycle of lactic acid =>glucose => lactic acid conversion by liver)



Hydrazine Sulfate

Combination of certain drugs (e.g..tranquilizers) and hydrazine sulphate could be fatal.

Incompatible with Rath Cellular Solution


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