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(2) Eliminate Cancer Cells

(or Revert them to normal)

For meaning of symbols: Treatment Effects

Also please see: Treatment incompatabilities

(a) Boost Immune System (I.S.)

(i.e Indirectly deal with cancer cells)

Cancer patients with fast-growing cancers or in a life-threatening stage of cancer do NOT have time for this method to “kick in”as a MAIN protocol – they must also choose a method that ether directly kills or slows down cancer growth to “buy some time”for this method to take effect.

(i) KillS microbes in blood/lymph/organs / supercharges I.S. which is then able to eliminate cancer cells


Beck Protocol against Cancer

The Beck Protocol

Electrotherapy, ionic colloidal silver + bioxidative therapy

Small electrical devices supply low level electromagnetic energy at beneficial frequencies; agressively kills microbes OUTSIDE of cells in blood and treated organs, increases cellular energy output, and Supercharges the immune system. ( by promoting the creation of many neuropeptides, including well-known cancer-fighters interleukin and interferon), thus enabling the I.S. to safely eliminate the cancer cells. Protocol includes a means of oxygenating cells and mopping up debris;


Frequency therapy using "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" to kill microbes in blood and INSIDE cancer cells (reverts cancer cells to normal)


(ii) Supply IS-boosting ingredients



Increases cellular energy production

Bill Henderson Protocol

Raw Food Diet + Budwig Protocol – gradually builds up immune system; must be able to consume and digest supplements

Can NOT be combined with many other treatments - including DMSO/Cesium Chloride


(b) Give Immune System a “Helping Hand” dealing with cancer cells

i.e Directly deal with cancer cells

Note that tumors do not have to shrink immediately to be put out of action – the immune system will dismantle them over time

(i) Devitalize microbes inside cancer cells (kill or convert them to their hibernating form)

When just the microbe is devitalized, the cancer cell will revert to normal aerobic energy production -the distinct advantage of not killing cancer cells is that the immune system does not have to dispose of a large number of dead cells. However, if the microbe goes into its hibernation form (microzyma) it is still inside the cell, and potentially able to revive and re-hijack the cell if diet/lifestyle/environmentagain creates acidic conditions inside the cell conducive to its well-being.



Frequency therapy using “HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR” to kill microbes in blood and inside cancer cells - Dr. Royal Rife, a genius microbiologist from San Diego, invented the Dark Field Microscope that made tiny microorganisms visible. Rife watched the cancer-causing bacteria (a virus-like form he called T-bacillus)“explode” as he exposed it to a sufficient intensity of its own vibrational frequency for 3 minutes.

Can NOT be used with


DMSO + “Antimicrobial substance”

DMSO carries “Antimicrobial substance” inside cancer cell to devitalize cancer microbe

Baking Soda and Maple Syrup

Maple syrup carries alkaline bicarbonate of soda INSIDE cancer cell to devitalize cancer microbe; also, alkalinity neutralizes lactic acid produced by cancer cells


(ii) Directly destroy cancer cells

(some treatments may actually also be killing cancer microbes inside cancer cells)


Poison Cancer Cells


Destroys cancer cells (usually undergoing rapid division) by disrupting cell processes related to cell division and DNA duplication. Also damages or destroys rapidly-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastro-intestinal tract etc, and can cause organ damage –E.g. liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and lowers whiteblood cell counts – SUPPRESSING the immune system. Chemotherapy doses can be reduced using INSULIN Potentiation Therapy (See IPT next );

CESIUM CHLORIDE/DMSO PROTOCOL, Graviola/Paw Paw are alternative therapies which are synergistic with chemo (minimizing inflammation and other undesireable side-effects)

Systemic enzymes alleviate side-effects

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

Chemo Adjunct therapy

IPT increases delivery of chemotherapy drug to cancer cells, allowing it to be effective at1/10th of the normal amount. Best used with DPT (See next entry)

DPT–DMSO Potentiation Therapy

Further enhances IPT Therapy

LAETRILE (B17) by IV (Administered in clinic)

Toxic ingredient in apricot pits poisons cancer cells.

Laetrile (oral)

Not for metastasized or fast-growing cancers



(Not Both)


Good adjunct diet, but NOT a primary treatmentfor fast-growing cancers (E.g. Pancreatic or brain cancer) or bone cancer. (The RIFE RESONANCE PROTOCOL using the "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" with “PLASMA AMPLIFIER” can reach bone cells).Grape sugar is taken into sugar-hungry cancer cells because no other source is provided. More than 12 nutrients in purple, black and red grapes can kill cancer cells.

Can NOT be combined with Cesium Chloride/DMSO protocol, which blocks glucose entry into cancer cells. Carrot and beet juice protocol works similarly to kill cancer cells. Success of this treatmentmay actually be in devitalizing microbes in cancer cells


Ingredients in leaves of oleander leaves are potent enough to kill cancer cells, but not harm healthy cells. Available as extract/pills or homemade “oleander soup”. Protocol includes additional nutrients making this a stage IV treatment, but ONLY for anyone with more than a month to live. Used synergistically with chemotherapy to reduce unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy

Asparagus Cure

Go figure on this one!

Oxidize Cancer Cells


(Administered in clinic)

Ozone gas is clinically injected into the bloodstream to oxygenate, alkalize and disinfectthe blood.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone can be applied transdermally, vaginally, rectally, aurally, ingested as ozonated water, or injected

Alkalize Cancer Cells


Cesium is able to get INSIDE cancer cells carried by DMSO, where it:
1) Quickly alkalizes the inside of the cancer cells - raising the cytoplasmic pH >8.0, which makes the cell sick enough that the immune system can destroy it (resulting ininflammation and debris). It is also likely that rapid pH change kills the cancer microbe inside cells, possibly reverting some cells to normal;
2) Limits the intake of glucose into the cancer cell (thus starving the cell and making the cell "sick" from lack of food);
3) Neutralizes the lactic acid (which is actually what causes the cell to multiply uncontrollably), and
4) Stops the fermentation process - a second affect of limiting the glucose.

Cesium is carried by DMSO into cancer cells where it quickly raises the cytoplasmic pH >8.0. This makes the cell sick enough that the immune system can destroy it (resulting ininflammation and debris). It is also likely that rapid pH change kills the cancer microbe inside cells, possibly reverting some cells to normal.

(i) Can NOT be used when even a slight amount of tumor swelling can be dangerous

(ii) Can NOT be used with elecromedicine;

(iii) Blocks glucose entry into cancer cells





LOWER the ATP energy output of cancer cells

Graviola or Paw Paw Protocol

(work similarly)

Slows/stops production of ATP energy molecules in cancer cells.

A small drop in ATP energy causes cancer cells to fall apart, but does notaffected non-cancerous cells. Must be able to consume/digest supplements.

(i) NOT to be used by pregnant or potentially pregnant women.

(ii) NOT to be combined with ANY treatment or nutrient which RAISES cellular ATP production - electrotherapy (E.g. RIFE RESONANCE PROTOCOL, Beck Protocol, MSM, DMSO, High dose Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide, maple syrup or honey and some others will nullify the Graviola or Paw Paw Protocol

Although many types of chemotherapy raise ATP energy production, (and thus conflict with graviola/paw paw's lowering of ATP production),these treatments are actually synergistic with chemotherapy - Graviola's or Paw Paw's reduction of ATP energy production prevents ATP-fueled pumps fromexpelling chemotoxic drugs fromthe cell after theyentered it. Paw Paw has even shown positive results with Multiple Drug Resistant (MSR) cancer cells.

Breuss Diet

Starves cell via 42 days of very low sugar

Physically Remove Cancer Cells


Kills healthy cells too

Systemic enzymes alleviate side-effects



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