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Chemotherapy Success Rates

U.S. Chemotherapy Study Shows average 2.1% survival after 5 Years

These study results provide a realistic view for those who are relying on chemotherapy to resolve their cancer. Thinking that chemotherapy provides a positive path towards being cancer-free is a deception that could prevent you from taking active steps that are more likely to help you be well again. Published in the journal Clinical Oncology in December 2004, the results of this study were astounding, showing that chemotherapy has an average 5-year survival success rate of only just over 2 percentfor all cancers!

A review of chemotherapy on 5-year survival rates in Australia garnered almost identical results - with an average 2.3 % success rate, compared to the U.S. 2.1 % rate of success.

The types of cancer that are responsive to chemotherapy are rare types in adults - in October, 1971, Dr. Gordon Zubrod, a leading researcher at the National Cancer Institute, presented a list of the cancer malignancies which were "highly responsive" to chemotherapy, all of which are rare in adults.

-   This list has not changed since 1971:

Burkitt's lymphoma;


Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia;

Hodgkin's Disease;


Embryonal Testicular Cancer;

Wilms' Tumor;

Ewing's Sarcoma;



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