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Statins - Vitamin C - God's Perfect "Statin"

Vitamin C - God's Perfect Statin

(without the negative side-effects)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) provides the human body a naturally controlled HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (i.e. statin):

–    When vitamin C levels are low - the body compensates and triggers  HMG-CoA reductase activity ▲ to catalize the manufacture of more cholesterol to ensure an adequate supply of “patch” material; Also, more HMG-CoA reductase is available for CoQ10 production

–   When vitamin C levels are high -  HMG-CoA reductase activity is inhibited ▼, lowering cholesterol levels and CoQ10 production

A significant difference between Vitamin C and statins is that Vitamin C modulates CoQ10 production, whereas statins only inhibit its production

–   When vitamin C levels are low

   HMG-CoA reductase▲   ==►  CoQ10 production▲;

 –   When vitamin C levels are high

    HMG-CoA reductase▼  ==►  CoQ10 production▼;


–   Vitamin C provides a controlled CoQ10 production - in contrast to statins, which inhibit HMG-CoA reductase (and thus CoQ10) production, sufficient (but not too high) Vitamin C actually promotes the production of HMG-CoA reductase and thus CoQ10. CoQ10 is depleted when LDL cholesterol is oxidized during the plaque forming process.

Harwood HJ et al, 1986, Inhibition of human leukocyte 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase activity by ascorbic acid. An effect mediated by the free radical monodehydroascorbate

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