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Cardiovascular DIsease / CVD / Heart disease

Ischaemic CVD:    Stroke

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or reduced.   Causing brain cells to die as oxygen and glucose delivery is disrupted. Sensation, movement or function controlled by the damaged part of the brain is impaired. Stroke kills one third of its victims. There are 3 types of strokes:

✔   Hemorrhagic Stroke.    Leakage or rupture of a blood vessel in or around the brain, as a consequence of a weakened vessel wall (brain aneurism) and/or increased blood pressure; the leaking blood damages brain cells by putting pressure on them;

✔   Ischaemic Stroke.   A clot in the large-sized internal carotid or vertebral arteries supplying the blood to the brain, usually as a consequence of;

•   Thrombosis (clot) in the large-sized internal carotid or vertebral arteries.    These arteries supply the blood to the brain;

•   Embolism.    When a small clot, originating either from a large artery (E.g. carotid artery) or from the heart, travels (embolizes) to the brain's supply arteries causing (a) Blockage of an arteriole in the brain affecting just a small part of the brain, or even (b) Blockage of the larger arteries supplying the brain.

✔   Mini-stroke /Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)


How to treat stroke

Treatment for a stroke is the same as for ischaemic CVD:

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