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"TOOLS" Against CVD / HBP - Increase strength/ Stamina of Heart Muscle

Treatment Plan for Ischaemic CVD:

Ischaemic CVD Includes:
• Coronary heart disease • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
• Arrhythmia • Stroke (Brain aneurism or hemorrhage,  TIAs/mini-strokes)
• Heart Attack • Angina
• Thrombosis / Embolism • Heart or Kidney Failure

Increase Strength and Stamina of Heart Muscle by increasing ATP energy production

Optimize cholesterol levels without statin drugs and their inherent health risks

L-Carnitine rate- determining factor for beta-oxidation by carrying fats across the cell's inner membrane; has role in the removal of acetyl units from the mitochondria;

Coenzyme Q10 key factor in the electron transport system of cellular respiration;

Magnesium - essential cofactor for many of the enzyme systems which support energy production;

Vitamin Ein the membrane, scavenges free radicals generated by the electron transport system.

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