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Natural alternatives to cure CVD - "TOOLS" Against CVD / HBP - Reduce Calcification

Treatment Plan for Ischaemic CVD:

Ischaemic CVD Includes:
• Coronary heart disease • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
• Arrhythmia • Stroke (Brain aneurism or hemorrhage,  TIAs/mini-strokes)
• Heart Attack • Angina
• Thrombosis / Embolism • Heart or Kidney Failure

Reduce Calcification

Optimize cholesterol levels without statin drugs and their inherent health risks

Vitamin D -  deficiency is associated with calcification of the arteries as well as defective calcification of the bones.

 –   Essential for the intestinal absorption of many minerals - but particularly calcium and magnesium

–   Obtain vitamin D from the sun -Our bodies can manufacture vitamin D from cholesterol by the action of sunlight on the skin;

–   Natural dietary sources give added protection – dietary vitamin D is found only in animal fats.

Vitamin D –“The Sunshine Vitamin”

Vitamin K2

–   An important part of the synergistic bone and heart health team - which includes vitamin K (especially K2), calcium, magnesium and vitamins A and D. Vitamin K2 can be obtained naturally from natto (smelly /slimy), fermented cheeses or vitamin K2 supplements.

–   Vitamin K2 is required to activate a protein hormone called OSTEOCALCIN - produced by osteoblasts, it is needed to bind calcium into the bone matrix. In so doing, OSTEOCALCIN also appears to help prevent calcium from depositing into arteries. Without vitamin K2, the calcium absorbed using vitamin D may build up in your coronary arteries rather than in your bones.

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