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GSE "TOOLS" Against CVD / HBP - Thyroid Function Boosters

"Tools" against CVD / HBP

- Provide Thyroid Function Boosters

People with poor thyroid function are very prone to heart disease – ensure the following thyroid function “workers”

✔ Iodine – found in seaweed; or best supplemented as Lugol's Solution or Iodoral ®

Iodine against thyroid disorders

Iodine –The Universal Medicine

✔ Fat soluble vitamins - A,D, E, and K

Food /Supplemental Antioxidants

✔ Selenium

Selenium for thyroid

✔ Manganese

Manganese for thyroid

✔ Tyrosine amino acid required for thyroid hormone synthesis, and although non-essential in the diet, the body produces it from phenylalanine, which is essential (especially found in eggs, soy, sesame seeds, white fish, parmesan cheese)

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