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Solutions for Insomnia

Solutions for Insomnia

7-9 hours sleep for 10yr. olds - adults – recommended by National Sleep Foundation as guideline for personalization.

Boost body's MELATONIN levels – HIGH PRIORITY!

How to Boost MELATONIN

Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT)- a gentle tapping technique learned in several minutes. MTT can resolve some of the emotional stresses at the root of your insomnia. Typically, results are quick and long lasting.


Use Beck's “Brain tuner”for insomnia – utilizes Cranial Electrostimulation (CES) to balance body's hormones

CES Therapy

SOTA Bio-Tuner

Avoid caffeine and other stimulants before bedtime - tea, coffee, cola drinks, tobacco, alcohol. The half-life of a single dose of caffeine ranges from 3-12 hours. This means that that one quarter of the caffeine in that morning cup of coffee could even still be present at bedtime. Caffeine prevents deep sleep because it creates a stress scenario in the body. Cherniske (author of “Caffeine Blues”) found that supposed depression disappeared 2 months after giving up coffee.

Caffeine –“The Jitter Drug

Eating before bed

–   Avoid pre-bedtime snacks - particularly grains and sugars, which inhibit sleep by raising blood sugar. Also, when blood sugar drops down low later in the night, it could cause you to wake up and not be able to fall back asleep;

–   Eat high-protein snack several hours before bed – provides L-tryptophan for MELATONIN and SEROTONIN production. Tryptophan also detoxifies ammonia (parasites produce this brain stimulant)

Make sleeping environment comfortable and conducive to sleep

–   Sleep in complete darkness - when the blue component of light hits the eyes, it disrupts the circadian rhythm of the pineal gland and production of MELATONIN and SEROTONIN.

Use room darkening drapes/shades, wear an eye mask.

Turn off TV's and computers in the room

If light seeps under your door, seal it off with a rolled up towel

Don't put the light on in the bathroom (or use a blue-filtering light)if you get up in the middle of the night;

–   Keep bedroom temperature cool (< 70 °F) and have a window open for fresh air;

–   Wear bed socks – cold feet can wake you up.

Reduce stimulating activities before bedtime:

–   Do something relaxing before bed – E.g. listen to music, read;

–   Don't do mind-disturbing activities before bed – watching TV, especially a violent movie, computer time, reading email - its stimulating effect on the brain extends the time taken to fall asleep;

–   Don't exercise or take a hot bath just before bed – raising your body temperature makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Exercise also raises CORTISOL levels.

Exercise moderately for at least 30 minutes every day - helps you fall asleep, but don't exercise too close to bedtime or it has a stimulating effect;

Sleep separately to your “disturbing”spouse - if your partner snores, hogs the covers, moves around or gets up frequently during the night;

Keep regular bedtime hours - to reinforce your biological clock.

–   “Early to bed, Early to rise”– our body systems do most of their recharging from 11 p.m. –1 a.m., especially adrenals and gall bladder, which unloads its toxins during these hours. If awake, the toxins back up into your liver and then the rest of your body;

–   If you have insomnia – and you don't go to sleep within 15-20 minutes, get up and leave the bedroom; also, don't nap in the day

If you suspect you have parasites, take ornithine – detoxifies ammonia, which is present in your brain when you have parasites;

Dose: 2- 500mg capsules on 1st night, 4 caps. 2nd night, 6 caps. 3rd night, then keep the dose that worked best for you. Can take up to 5 days to take effect;

–   Do a parasite cleanse to get rid of these uninvited guests

Parasite_cleanses using Black Walnut

Magnet therapy – apply the North pole of a small round magnet on the forehead between the eyebrows for 10 minutes before retiring. Can take a month or two to have a complete affect;

Adaptogen – non-toxic substance that increases resistance to stress, fatigue, anxiety. Trauma; E.g. Tulsi tea (Indian equivalent of coffee)

Sedatives - Most sedatives bind to GABA receptors in the brain to inhibit the wakefulness network. However, they also disturb circuits for mood and memory and often have side effects, such as tremors, or daytime sleepiness.

Ambien - is there for those who haven't been able to sleep for several nights which can affect the safety of you and others.Ambien is a short-acting hypnotic and generally not addictive.Since it is metabolized overnight, there is no residual drowsiness in the morning.

A “Sheep counting”mechanism to get to sleep - Imagine a field full of 100 sheep on the right hand side of your mind. Look at each sheep and you will see the word 'SLEEP' shorn into their sides in BIG letters. Then sheep #100 walks slowly to the middle of your field of view. Again, see the word SLEEP on his side. She jumps over a low jump. Again, see the word SLEEP on her side. Then she walks over to the left side of your mind - see the word SLEEP - and curls up and goes to sleep.

Then repeat for sheep #99 and so on.

If you do this fully and slowly, chances are you won't even get to #80.

Reserve the bedroom for only sleep and sex – E.g. NOT reading, telephone conversations or watching TV. Creates a mental association that the room is for sleep.

If possible, avoid working the night shift.

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