Heal Yourself At Home
How to Remove Moles or Skin Tags

Mole / Skin Tag Removal


▲ Roughen the mole surface by using a pumice stone or scratch with a needle

▲ Rub in Lugol's  iodine over just the mole 2-3 times a day with a Q-tip – including before going to bed

▲ Skin tag should dry and fall off or mole should be gone within about a week

Castor Oil / Baking Soda Paste for Moles

This may also work on skin tags

▲ Mix cold-pressed, organic castor oil with baking soda to form a paste

▲ Before bed, rub paste into mole,and apply bandage over some more paste over mole

▲ You can remove bandage in the morning if you don't want to deal with it in the day

▲ Takes 4-6 weeks for mole to dry up and come off


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