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Clean the Body's "Filters"  

The liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs and lymph system are the body's waste, toxin and microbial filtering organs.  For serious health problems, in addition to clearing the main "exit doors" (i.e the intestines and skin), it is necessary to cleanse toxins and microbes from these other eliminatory organs, which otherwise interfere with their functioning. This is done in preparation for and as an integral part of any detoxification/energy therapy.

Eliminatory organs limit the rate of a detoxification therapy - As toxins are released from the various storage areas in the body's tissues, the toxins will effectively poison you if they do not have an efficient way out of the body. This poisoning effect, called the "Herxheimer Reaction", occurs when released toxins re-enter the blood at a greater rate than can be dealt with by your elimanatory organs. Since this can make you very sick, you should not detoxify your body too fast.

Detoxification therapies for liver, kidneys, spleen, and lymph

Toxins and micro-organisms removed from the blood enter the lymph system and other elimination organs to be removed from the body - also, these microbes can “hide”in the lymph system when attacked in the blood.

-   Coffee Enema.   A powerful way to protect and cleanse the LIVER, as well as cleanse the COLON

Coffee Enema

-   Castor Oil Pack.   Placed over abdomen.

Castor Oil - Palm of Christ

-   PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy

PEMF Therapy

SOTA Magnetic Pulser

-   Herbal / Food Cleanses

-   Remove gallstones from Liver and Gallbladder

Overnight Liver-Gallbladder Cleanse

-   Cleanse Kidneys / Remove kidney stones

Kidney stone Treatment / Prevention

-   Exercise is the only way to move the lymph.   Unlike the heart, it does not have a pump; lymph carries debris from the blood and tissues to the body's elimination channels.


Detoxification therapies for Lungs

Nebulize magnesium chloride oil, iodine or hydrogen peroxide

Nebulizing Medicine for Lungs

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