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CLEAN MENUBAR DROPLINETABS Kidney Stone Dissolving Treatment - Emergency Treatment

Emergency Treatments for Kidney Stones

During a kidney cleanse:

–   A diet high in fruits and vegetables (raw is best) and juices is ideal - Limit or eliminate all animal based food.

–   Avoid - refined sugars, junk foods, alcohol, soda, coffee, milk, or teas except for kidney cleansing teas.


Do either of the following two treatments then 5 minutes later drink two cups of Dr. Schulze Kidney/Bladder tea:

(1) Juniper berry tea

–   Use 1 Tbsp. juniper berries for every 20 oz water - berries should be blue to purple in color, and when chewed or squashed the result should smell like gin if they are to have a diuretic and disinfectant effect;


–   Crush berries and simmer for 15 minutes - to end up with 16oz of tea;


–   Emergency Dosage - Drink 16oz of tea 3-4 times per day

(2) Dr. Schulze Kidney /Bladder Tonic Emergency dosages

–   Take 5-10 dropperfuls of Dr. Schulze Kidney/bladder tonic - in a little juice or take strong juniper berry tea (see above)

–    Drink Kidney / Bladder Flush:

✔ Juice of one lemon and one lime

✔ Pinch of cayenne pepper

✔ 16 - 32 ozs. distilled water

✔ Maple syrup to taste (optional).

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