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CLEAN MENUBAR DROPLINETABS Detoxification of Body using Beck Protocol

Detoxify the Whole Body Using the Beck Protocol

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Overview of the Beck Protocol

The Beck Protocol is a combination of 4 tool-assisted "Electromedicine" therapies - which very effectively detoxify the body of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa) and toxins. It also energizes the body's cells, destroys cancer cells and restores a fully functioning immune system, thereby solving most health problems.


First clear the exit doors

Follow the 4 Beck Protocol Steps

Cleansing reactions

How long to apply the Beck Protocol

Supplements, diet and lifestyle

After Treatment Take Probiotics

Optional Hormone “Tune-up”

First clear the exit doors

Before starting detoxification you are advised to do an intestinal cleanse if you are not “going”at least once a day. Eg. Magnesium Oxide with lemon juice, Dr Schulze's herbal cleanse, or go for a series of about 4-6 colonic washouts. This will provide a clear intestinal passage through which the “trash”may be taken out during detoxification. It is also advisable to do a parasite cleanse to kill parasites residing in the intestines, and skin brushing to open up the skin's pores.

Clear the exit doors

Parasite Cleanses Using Black Walnut

Follow the 4 Beck Protocol Steps

Four tool assisted steps for:

(1) Blood Purification

(2) Lymph, Spleen, Liver & Kidneys Detoxification

(3) Drinking Ionic Colloidal Silver

(4) Drinking ozonated water (or alternative “Active Oxygen”Therapy)

4 Steps in Beck Protocol

Cleansing Reactions

Cleansing reactions will be noticed in the form of:





Frequent urination

Copious production of fecal matter (expect to lose weight).

How long to apply the Beck Protocol

The length of time to apply the protocol is determined by your particular situation - You are looking to be symptom-free, and feeling well and energetic.

–   Routine detoxification for a non-sick person takes at least 3 weeks

–   A more serious problem may need 2-3 months -To safeguard against the return of a serious problem, you should repeat the program at least twice, after a break in between treatments.

Supplements, Diet and Lifestyle

In addition to the Beck Protocol - you are advised to include certain wholesome supplements and to make good choices in your DIET and LIFESTYLE, not only during the protocol, but also for the rest of your life. To ensure your ongoing health, you are advised to follow:

The Daily Plan to Make A

Nutrition Exercise Water

SunlightThoughts Air Rest Trust in God Sex

The idea of detoxification is to remove all toxins and “invader”microbes from the body and then to not put any back in, and not to create a “happy hotel”in which microbes can flourish!


After Treatment Take Probiotics If You Used Magnetic Pulser over Abdomen

It is advisable to take a good quality probiotic - for a month or two after using these machines, especially if you have used the SOTA - Magnetic Pulser over the intestines (usually unnecessary). This will assure a strong colony of "good" bacteria in your intestines.

Optional Hormone “Tune-up”

Use the SOTA - Bio-tuner (“Brain Tuner”) 20 minutes per day - Our entire body operations are controlled by the hormones produced by our endocrine glands and other organs, including the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, testes and ovaries.Our body's hormone production becomes unbalanced by physical and emotional stresses. Hormones can be re-balanced by applying this safe, time-tested and effective Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES).

CES Therapy

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