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NUTRITION -“Live to Eat or Eat to Live?”

Let food be your medicine - Hippocrates

Which nutrients do we need?

Minerals. Of the 92 naturally occurring elements on earth, we need 40 of them of which most are minerals, both major and trace minerals.

Vitamins / Antioxidants / Phytonutrients

Essential amino acids 

Glucose. The body can obtain glucose from carbohydrates, proteins and fats

Essential fatty acids.   Omega-3 and Omega-6

The nutrition pyramid above is more healthful than the usually promoted pyramid, which has grains at its base.

What do we actually eat?

It is a shocking fact that ~90% of the money spent on food in the U.S. is spent on processed foods (Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, 2002, Penguin Books).  Most of us eat and drink only for enjoyment and sustenance, giving little attention to whether we are obtaining needed nutrients in the correct balance to maintain health. Although America is the richest country in the world, it takes the “prize” for having the highest obesity rate (30% of the population). With some effort, however, it is possible to make healthy choices that also fulfill our desire for pleasure when filling our tummies.

The average American eats almost 1 ton of food per year.  According to 2011 USDA data; note that this includes leftovers (food bought, served but not eaten); and although our average American consumes 415 pounds of vegetables, a high proportion of these are starchy corn and potatoes.

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Guidelines for making good Nutritional Choices

Diet and lifestyle changes can prevent 70-90% of certain common degenerative diseases.   Among U.S. adults, more than 90% of type 2 diabetes, 80% of CAD, 70% of stroke, and 70% of colon cancer are potentially preventable by a combination of nonsmoking, avoidance of overweight, moderate physical activity, healthy diet, and moderate alcohol consumption. [Ref]

Basically, these are the time-tested recommendations for food or drink choices:

-   Natural, unprocessed and organic - chemical/GMO-free;

-   Little or no added sugar - except such as a small amount of honey, maple syrup or molasses or use alternative low or non-caloric sweeteners such as erythritol or stevia; avoid unhealthy artificial sweeteners, such as Nutrasweet™and Splenda™

-   Foods grown in your native environment.   i.e. locally grown and seasonal.

-   UNpasteurized dairy products (if you can find them) and fermented foods;

--   Try to eat at least one third of your food raw;

-   Ensure healthy fats in your diet.   Includes animal sources and Omega-3 fat, with balanced intake of Omega-6 fat (Eliminate typical grocery store polyunsaturated vegetable oils).

It is of the utmost significance to our health that our diet contains the right fats in correct balance.  This is a complicated topic, but to help you understand which fats to eat and why, see:

Food Fats and Oils

EFAs - Fats of Life

Nutritional Supplements.   Unfortunately, in today's world, numerous factors have caused a depletion of available nutrients in our food supply.
Therefore, unless you have food sources from reliable nutrition-minded food producers, or are responsibly growing your own food or keeping animals and birds for meat and eggs, it has become necessary to include some daily supplements to ensure needed nutrients:

Daily Nutritional Supplement Chart

Green Drink



Choose foods containing high-energy electrons

Electron-Rich Foods

A Note on Bible References Mentioned in this Website

This author believes that Christ's sacrifice on the cross abolished the need for anyone to obey the O.T. law.   Since now being under grace, God has given us freedom to determine our own action. However, by studying the O.T. law, it is soon realized that there is evidence that the law was not just a list of arbitrary instructions, but rather was intended as a blessing to protect and enhance spiritual, emotional, social and physical health. As such, a wise person would evaluate the wisdom given in those instructions.

Bible References to Health

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