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Essential Fats ( EFAs ) Deficiency symptoms

LA Deficiency Symptoms

ALA Deficiency Symptoms

Growth retardation



Excessive sweating accompanied by thirst



Liver and kidney deterioration

Wound healing failure

Heart and circulatory problems

Drying up of glands, dry eyes and mouth


Behavioral changes

Male sterility / impotence


Arthritis-like conditions







Decreased immunity

Decreased T-cell production

Susceptibility to infections

(Excess also causes decreased immunity by destroying white blood cells)

Loss of hair

Eczema-like skin eruptions

Growth retardation

Impairment of vision and sense of smell

Weakness / Fatigue

Motor in-coordination

Tingling sensations in arms and legs


Heart disease

High Cholesterol and Triglycerides

High Blood Pressure

Sticky Platelets

Tissue Inflammation

Kidney dysfunction

Mental Deterioration

Violent tendencies

Emotional agitation

Inability to concentrate


Learning Disorders

Mood swings

Low metabolic rate

Some immune dysfunction

Arthritis / Joint Pain

Asthma, allergies

Soft, brittle, flaking nails

Dry, dull, brittle hair

Dry skin, dandruff, Scaly dermatitis,acne

Increased weight

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