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EFAs for Immune System Health

EPA and DHA Promote the Immune System's T- Helper cells ("Generals" of the immune system) - T-HELPER cells organize the production of antibodies toprotect the body from bacteria and viruses, prevent allergies.

EPA and GLA required in balance for balanced eicosanoid formation - supporting healthy immune responses.Eicosanoids (“Cell Scouts”), such as Prostaglandins and Leukotrienes, act like localized hormones.

EPA counters the strong immuno-suppressive eicosanoids - derived from Omega-6 AA.

Prostaglandins derived from GLA are immuno-stimulating - through the activation of T-Helper cells.


EFAs Discourage access of foreign invaders to the inside of the cell Most opportunist infections get inside cells

EFAs attract OXYGEN - unfriendly to bacteria.

EFAs maintain cell membrane integrity - which protects the cell, just as making your house with good quality materials mixed in proper proportions, will keep out wind, rain, snow, cold and insects.

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