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Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in Foods

Initial  DAILY Omega-3 Doses to Overcome Deficiency








4-1000mg Capsules=>
440 mg DHA,
360 mg EPA

Wild Salmon Oil - recommended because it is the least processed of the marine oils - simply oil pressed from the fish. Take 2 caps with each of 3 daily meals. Will be posting more on this marine oil choice - look for purity, oxygen/light/heat-free production, good quality capsules and a high stock-turnover to protect oil from oxidation.
~1.5-2g EPA/DHA

OIly wild-caught fish - Eg. Wild Salmon
Eating fish for Omega-3
2-500mg Capsules => ~150mg EPA, ~90mg DHA NEPTUNE KRILL OIL Oil™(NKO)
2-500mg CAPSULES  taken with a morning meal;
NKO oil is a stable oil with its high antioxidant content. High EPA/DHA bio-availability means you don't need as many milligrams as in fish oil. Dose still seems rather low.

Neptune Krill Oil






2 Tbsp

Fresh Ground, Organic FLAXMEAL (3.2g ALA => ~0.5g EPA/DHA ) - a natural, unprocessed food, containing valuable nutrients (fiber, mucilage, lignans, +);1 1/3 Tbsp. Flax seeds yields 2Tbsp. Flaxmeal.

ALA Choice - but consume no more than ~6 Tbsp. FLAXMEAL /day. Also, drink 1 Cup liquid (e.g. milk) per 3 Tbsp. ground flax (flax seed absorbs water). Excellent for keeping you regular.

1 Tbsp.

Expeller-pressed, Organic FLAX OIL (7.4g ALA) - Flax oil is missing protein, fiber and some vitamins/minerals from the seed. Also, the oil begins to deteriorate in the presence of light, heat and air - Once opened, flax oil keeps only 4-6 weeks in refrigerator. Omega-3 is made more bio-available by:

Blending Flax Oil with Cottage Cheese to enhance Fat delivery to Cells:

If you have a health problem - then taking a daily dose of several Tbsps. of flax seed OIL blended with cottage cheese is a simple, yet powerful therapy to restore health:


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