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vitamins and minerals for efficient utilization of essential fatty acids EFAs

Vitamins and Minerals NECESSARY for Effective Use of EFAs

The easiest way to ensure these dietary nutrients is to take a whole food, “green” supplement.

E.g. "Green Drink" , plus fresh fruit and veggies (also add ½ tsp. vitamin C powder, or better still  a teaspoon of camu camu powder, to green drink).

Fat-Soluble Antioxidants

To maintain balanced EFA reactions with ROS (Reactive oxygen species) in body

Vitamin E

In Fats, Expeller-pressed Oils, Whole grains (including the germ), Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, Meat, Poultry, Fish. Highest Sources:Wheat germ, olive and sunflower oil, avocado, peas, dried apricots, baked beans, salmon, chicken. Vitamin E is ensured by taking 400-800 IU Vitamin E capsules, but it is more naturally obtained by eating a daily handful of fresh, raw, organic nuts and/or seeds.


Carrots, Spinach, Sweet potatoes, Apricots, Corn, Collard greens, Acorn Squash, Sweet peppers

Vitamins A

Highest amounts in animal livers, oily fish and high-vitamin cod liver oil.

Vitamin D

Best obtained by exposing skin to mid-day sunshine for at least 30 minutes. High-vitamin cod liver oil.


Needed by the conversion enzymes 5D and 6D

to convert ALA and LA to the needed DHA, EPA, AA and DGLA

Vitamins B3 (niacin) and B6 (pyridoxine)

In dairy products, poultry, fish, lean meats, nuts, eggs, legumes, whole grains.

Vitamin C

Water soluble antioxidant found in FRESH fruit and veggies. Exceptional: Guava and Kiwi;

Excellent: Grapefruit, Orange, Mango, Papaya, Blackcurrants, Rosehips, Persimmon;

Very Good: Lychee, Melon, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tomato, Tangerine;


Almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, spinach, cocoa, cornmeal, beans (black, navy, white, kidney), pearled barley, whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, raw oat bran, artichoke, halibut, bananas, blackberries, dates, dried figs, mangoes, watermelon, apricots.


Chickpeas, baked beans, pumpkin seeds, beef, lamb, venison, turkey, brown rice, salmon, spinach, yogurt, Beans, rye bread, whole wheat bread, chicken, lentils, lima beans, oatmeal, raw milk, Peas, baked potato, barley.

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