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How to Obtain THE ESSENTIAL Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

Our body can NOT make EFAs, so we have to include them in our diet


Initial and Life-Long Strategies for obtaining EFAs

Initial Strategy for Obtaining Essential Fats

FIRST - - - Attempt to eliminate damaged fats in your diet

Damaged Fats include  trans fats, hydrogenated fats, lipid peroxides - very difficult to avoid, but read labels and try not to consume:

•    Any refined seed/nut/bean oils or products containing them - i.e. typical grocery-store vegetable oils, ready-meals, commercially processed, long shelf-life foods, such as cookies, cakes, crackers, bread, candies, most peanut butter, pancake mixes, instant soups, chocolate, some salad dressings, junk foods, chips, croutons, granola bars.

•    Foods fried in anything but butter, coconut, palm or palm kernel oil - i.e. excludes most fried foods in restaurants (especially fast-food joints), donuts, fried chips, etc.a

•    Hydrogenated oils or products containing them - E.g. margarine, shortening (such as Crisco®).

Damaged, altered, toxic fats

SECOND - - - Address the likely Omega-3 deficiency

Increase omega-3 intake with a DAILY DOSE of Flaxseed, Marine oil or oily fish - Since some inhibitors to the ALA to EPA/DHA conversion pathways are likely to be present, it becomes necessary to obtain at least some of your DHA /EPA in a marine oil (E.g. wild salmon oil, or by eating oily fish). 

EFAs require certain nutrients for their effective use:

Vitamins and Minerals NECESSARY for Effective Use of EFAs


Initial Supplemental DAILY Doses to Overcome Omega-3 Deficiency:



Life-long Maintenance Plan

Ensure a MAINTENANCE Amount of both Omega-3 and Omega-6

Consuming or supplementing with just Omega-3 for too long, or continuing high dose Omega-3 supplementation can cause an imbalance with Omega-6.

✔ After about 18 months, you would begin to have an excess of Omega-3 in your tissues, and you would probably be dealing with too much suppression of Omega-6 AA - which would impair your body circuitry, and consequently would induce health problems. E.g. Arrhythmia. One sign of excess omega-3 is thin, papery-feeling, dried out skin, which cracks easily.

After 4-12 months, the Omega-3 deficiency should have been eliminated and Omega-3 consumption should be reduced and better balanced with good, undamaged Omega-6 fats.



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