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Butter oil contains “Activator X”

Butter has some pretty impelling qualities to warrant its inclusion in our diet:

–   Butter is a stable, predominately saturated fat and the best source of fat-soluble vitamins - A (retinol, needed by the thyroid gland and for good vision), D, K and E.

–    THE “PRICE FACTOR”- Vitamin Absorption Catalyst in Butter from pastured cows -Dr Weston Price, who studied diets of isolated peoples around the world, found that deep yellow butter from pasture fed cows is very high in all fat-soluble vitamins, which he determined to be catalysts needed for the metabolic assimilation of water-soluble vitamins found in vegetables, grains and meat. This catalyst disappears if cows are fed cotton-seed or high protein soy diets, but does survive pasteurization.Butter and cream from pasture-fed cows are a delicious addition to our diet to ensure effective assimilation of minerals and water-soluble vitamins.

–   Contains short and medium chain fatty acids that the body uses for energy -Butyric and Lauric fatty acids are also anti-fungal, antimicrobial and prevent tumor formation.

–   Provides the intestines with a fat source needed to convert plant carotenes into vitamin A

–   Omega-6 and Omega-3 EFA's are in small, but equal balance in butter

–   Contains CLA (highest level is from pasture-fed cows) - shown to have strong anti-cancer properties.

–   Contains LECITHIN - to assist breakdown and assimilation of cholesterol and fats.

–   Contains TRACE MINERALS - manganese, zinc, chromium, selenium (rich source, powerful antioxidant, needed for thyroid gland), iodine (protects against goiter in mountainous areas).

–   THE “WULZEN FACTOR”- Present in raw butter, cream and whole milk, but destroyed by pasteurization, this “anti-stiffness”factor protects humans/animals from degenerative arthritis, hardening arteries, cataracts. Calves fed pasteurized or skim milk will not thrive until raw butterfat is added back into their diet.Today unfortunately, obtaining raw butter is a challenge.

Where to find good pastured, organic butter? – the following are good sources, but from pasteurized rather than preferred raw milk (may be able to find locally):

–   Made with milk from 100% pasture-fed cows

✔ New Zealand Anchor®butter;

✔  Irish Kerrygold ®butter

–   Made with milk from cows that are mostly pasture-fed:

✔  Organic Valley®

✔ Natural by Nature®

✔ Tillamook®

✔ Pastureland®

Enjoy it! - claims that “time-tested”butter causes chronic high cholesterol values have not been substantiated by research, so go ahead and enjoy it - fry with it, spread it on your bread and drizzle it over your vegetables!

Butter can be kept frozen to extend shelf-life

Butter Oil (Ghee) from cows grazing on fast-growing grass contains “Activator X”

“Activator X”now known to be Vitamin K2 (MK-4)

Vitamin K –“For Koagulation and Kalcium”

A significant immune system builder - Dr. Weston Price, who studied the health/nutrition connection in native diets world-wide in the 1930's/40's, identified“Activator X”as a significant immune system builder, through its exponential affect on the body's utilization of minerals. He found that “Activator X”is in extraordinarily high levels in high-vitamin butter oil made from centrifuged, deep-yellow butter fat produced by cows grazing exclusively on rapidly growing grass.

Centrifuged Butter - centrifuging butter produces a butter-oil concentrate with a solid layer beneath it, the oil being much richer in “Activator X”than whole butter.

Synergistic effect between “Activator X”and cod liver oil - often called out to dying or sick people, Dr. Price found that cod liver oil in conjunction with “Activator X',in butter oil had a remarkable, synergistic, health-restoring effect on numerous conditions, which was not as obvious when using them separately. This protocol also yielded very positive restorative results on dental caries, according to several case histories cited in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”.

Synergistic benefit is attained by taking ½tsp. / day of concentrated butter oil concurrently with a cod liver oil supplement

Quality butter oil (E.g. X-Factor Gold by Green Pastures®) has many other beneficial properties - A few of these benefits are highlighted here:

–   Contains “Anti-stiffness factor” (Wulzen Factor) - protects against degenerative arthritis (calcification of the joints), cataracts, and hardening of the arteries.

–   Glycosphingolipids protect against gastrointestinal infections - especially in the very young and the elderly.

–   12-15% Short /Medium length-Chain Fatty Acids - absorbed directly from the small intestine to the liver to be converted into instant energy (does not need to be emulsified by bile salts). These fatty acids also have antimicrobial, anti-tumor and immune-system-supporting properties.

✔ Highly protective lauric acid is not found in other animal fats - and is made only by the mammary gland, not in the liver like other saturated fats. Lauric acid increases heart-protective HDL cholesterol. We can obtain small amounts of lauric acid in butterfat or large amounts in coconut oil.

✔ Butyric acid is essentially unique to butter, has both antifungal and anti-tumor properties -and is also an important energy source for the cells lining the colon.

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