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GSE Chlorine - Disease-Causing Disinfectant


Disease-causing Disinfectantin your Water

Disinfection By-products (DBPs) - chlorine is actually not the major issue, the greatest harm comes from the disinfection byproducts (dbps) created when chlorine combines with organic material in the water.DBPs, such as trihalomethanes (thms) and haloacetic acids (haas), are thousands of times more toxic than chlorine. In fact, the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the goal limit for some of them at zero, a requirement impossible to enforce, which means you always have some in your municipal water supply.

–    Human studies suggest that lifetime consumption of chlorine-treated water can more than double the risk of bladder and rectal cancers - in certain individuals;

–    DBPs have been linked to reproductive problems - in both animals and humans;

–    Studies have shown DBPs may wreak even more havoc when they're absorbed through your skin – E.g. one study published in the Journal of Environmental Sciences in 2008 found that swimming in a chlorinated pool presented an unacceptable cancer risk.

You can easily absorb as many DBP toxins in one shower as you would by

drinking tap water for a week, so short showers are advised

Chlorine is a halogen and is essential to body functioning

Chlorine enters the body via diet, skin or breathing –food contains small and necessary amounts of chlorine, however, excessive amounts can enter body viachlorinated drinking /shower water, and pool and spa water cleaned using chlorine; especially detrimental, warm shower water opens skin pores, and chlorine gas released by warm water is breathed into lungs.

Excess chlorine replaces essential iodine in the body with deleterious consequences

Iodine - The Universal Medicine

Chlorine uses up oxygen in water –by oxidizing toxins;

Excessive Chlorine in the body is strongly correlated to higher risk of cancer, heart disease and other health problems - Chlorine hardens arteries, destroys proteins in the body, irritates skin and sinus conditions, and aggravates asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems.

"We are quite convinced, based on our study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water”

Medical College of Wisconsin Research Team

"Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.

U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality

"Putting chlorine in the water supplies is like starting a time bomb. Cancer, heart trouble, premature senility; both mental and physical, are conditions attributable to chlorine treated water supplies. It is making us grow old before our time by producing symptoms of aging, such as hardening of the arteries."

Dr. Herbert Schwarts Biological Chemist

"Nothing can negate the incontrovertible fact, the basic cause of atherosclerosis and resulting entities, such as heart attacks and stroke, is chlorine."

Joseph Price, M.D. Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine

"I deal extensively on several newsgroups that focus on animal cancers - particularly feline leukemia, mast cell tumors, etc. I am amazed by the upsurge in these kind of cases and the only common element I can find in all of it is water. That's right. I have 28 cats of my own and they all drink from a pond - none of them have ever developed any kind of cancer, nor have those of my friends who are committed to avoiding chlorinated water. The correlation is too widespread to ignore out of hand."

"Jim" sunwatt@starband.net

For information on how to obtain good water without chlorine or its toxic by-products:

Water = 2/3 of You!

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