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Magnesium - Missing Health Miracle Mineral

Magnesium (Mg) - “Missing Miracle Mineral”

"Deficiency of magnesium is associated with virtually every known disease: heart attacks, diabetes, depression, cancer, etc.”

- Dr. C Norman Shealy M.D., PhD.

Author of “Holy Water, Sacred Oil, The Fountain of Youth”

MgCl2: Possible Counter Indications and Warnings

“Without magnesium, muscle and nerve functions are compromised and energy diminished. We are operating with the power turned off. “

- Dr. Jerry Aikawa - The University of Colorado.Author of "Magnesium: Its Biological Significance."

People in N. America tend to consume too much calcium and sodium, andinsufficient magnesium and potassium - This is often reflected in urine tests which show calcium and sodium being excreted while magnesium and potassium are being retained. All four of these minerals work together in the body.Problems arise when one or more of the minerals aredeficientor when the minerals areout of balancewith each other.

So what's so special about magnesium? . . .

When magnesium is deficient, which it is for many people, then replenishing the body's stores of this important and busy mineral has a healing effect on a wide range of diseases as well as being able to rejuvenate the aging body.

Mg deficiency doubles your risk of dying!

A study published in the journal "Critical Care" found that a deficiency in magnesium makes you twice as likely to die as other people. About 70% of Americans are deficient in this critical mineral.

Why are we magnesium deficient?

Signs of Mg deficiency

In the USA, magnesium supplementation is dramatically under-utilized by conventional physicians.

How to supplement magnesium?

Mg has vital and essential functions in the body

For more details: Functions of Mg in the body



Maintains alkaline pH balance in the body

Next to potassium, Mg is the most abundant positively charged mineral buffer within the body's cells.

Determines amount of energy produced by your body's cells

Counteracts and regulates body's use of calcium

Prevents abnormal calcification of tissues

Necessary for production of glutathione

A major antioxidant in the body

Promotes healthy functioning of nerves and muscles (includes the heart)

Activates more than 300 enzymes in the body

To metabolize blood sugars, proteins and carbohydrates

Needed for proper bone growth

Indirectly related to adequate calcium absorption

Defends body from infectious diseases, toxic chemicals, heavy metals

Controls uptake and release of many hormones, nutrients and neurotransmitters

Mg is a mineral needed by every cell in your body

Mg is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body; Most magnesium is found in intracellular fluid in bone, muscle and soft tissue in combination with calcium and phosphorus. Of the 20-30 g of Mg in our body, 60-65% of total body Mg is in our bones and teeth, ~25% in our muscle cells, and only 1% is in the blood.

The highest concentrations of Mg are in the heart and brain

Areas of considerable electrical activity

Mg Deficiency is involved in many Health Problems

(Since Mg has so many roles in the body)

For more details: Health Benefits of Magnesium




Anxiety disorders


Arthritis –Rheumatoid/Osteoarthritis



Auto immune disorders - all types


Cerebral Palsy - in children from Mg deficient mothers

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Congestive Heart Disease


Crooked teeth / narrow jaw - in children from Mg deficient mothers


Diabetes - Type I and II

Eating disorders - Bulimia, Anorexia


Gut disorders – e.g. peptic ulcer, Crohns disease, colitis, food allergy, GERD, gastroparesis;

Heart Disease - Arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, high triglycerides

Heart Disease- in infants from Mg deficient mothers

High Blood Pressure


Impaired athletic performance

Infantile Seizure - in children from Mg deficient mothers


Kidney Stones

Lou Gehrig's Disease

Migraines - including cluster type

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle cramps – “Charlie Horses”

Muscle weakness, fatigue

Myopia -children from Mg deficient mothers

Obesity – especially from high carb diets

Osteoporosis – Just Mg reverses bone loss

Parkinson's Disease

Ob/Gyn – PMS, menstrual pain /irreg., infertility, preeclampsia,Estrogen dominance

PPH - Primary Pulmonary Hypertension

Raynaud's Disease

SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


Metabolic Syndrome - insulin resistance

Thyroid disorders - low, high and auto-immune; low Mg reduces T4.

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Why are we Mg-Deficient?

- Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

-Magnesium Deficiency Questionaire


Mg Functions in the Body

- Mg - Activates Vitamin D

-Mg - Alkalizing Agent

- Mg - Anti-Inflammatory

- Mg –Detoxifies Cells of Toxic Metals/Other toxins

- Mg –Regulates Calcium
Prevents soft tissue calcification

- Mg –Over 300 Enzymes

- Mg –Cell “Battery”/ATP Production

- Mg –Cell Membrane Integrity

- Mg –Antioxidant Glutathione synthesis

- Mg –Hormonal balance

- Mg –Cellular and food metabolism

- Mg –Muscle Relaxant

Mg effects on cardiac system

Mg in skeletal muscle contractions

- Mg –Calms Nerves


The Many Health Benefits of Mg

- Mg - For Bones

-Mg –Against Cancer

- Mg –Against CVD

–    Mg –Against Dental Problems

- Mg –For Mental Well-Being

-Mg –Against Diabetes

- Mg –Against Estrogen Dominance

–    Mg - Fights Infection /Immune System booster

- Mg –Dissolves Kidney Stones(calcium oxalate)

- Mg –Prevents /Alleviates Migraine

- Mg - Against Neurological/Neuromuscular Conditions

- Mg - Against Pain

- Mg - For Skin and Hair

- Mg - For Surgery


How to supplement MAGNESIUM

- Transdermal Magnesium Chloride

How to Make Magnesium Chloride Oil

Some Mg. Chloride Chemistry

-Oral Mg Supplementation

- Nebulizing/Vaporizing MgCl2

–    How much MAGNESIUM should I Supplement?


Mg Food Sources

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