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Iodine - "The Universal Medicine"

Iodine absorption

Consumed Iodide ions (I-) are easily absorbed through the walls of the digestive tract in the stomach and small intestine duodenum and on into the blood and plasma.

Supplemental elemental iodine (I2) also finds its way into the blood and plasma (in rat studies) - provided the oral  dosages are high enough. This is inconsistent with the commonly held view that iodine (I2) is reduced to iodide (I-) before it is absorbed systemically from the gastrointestinal tract.

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 Iodine is transported in the blood in its ionized form - as  Iodide ions (I-),  and in serum proteins and lipids as elemental iodine I2.

Iodine Metabolism

We do not conserve iodine long-term and so it must be obtained regularly via diet or supplementation – With an iodine deficiency, the body conserves iodine for a while, but if the inadequacy continues, thyroid hormone is slowly depleted.

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