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PROBIOTICS - "For Life!"

â‚‹ Body's Flora

Health Benefits

Health benefits of supplementingprobiotics

â‚‹ Study proven health benefits of specific probiotics


How to supplement probiotics

â‚‹ Food sources- Yogurt and Kefir

â‚‹ Consume prebiotics to feed beneficial flora

â‚‹ Attributes of a good probiotic supplement

â‚‹ Examples of a good probiotic supplement

â‚‹ Examples of effective probiotic dosages



(Beneficial Indigenous Bacteria)

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About Flora


- Health Benefits of Beneficial Flora?

- What reduces body's beneficial flora?

Flora in the Body

- Flora at birth

- Flora on Body Surfaces

- Flora in GI Tract

Health Benefits

The Gut Bacteria

Infant intestinal flora

- Flora on the teeth

- Flora in the vagina

How-to Increase Flora

How to increase body's beneficial flora

How to supplement probiotics

How to supplement probiotics


Choosing the probiotic

The effects of probiotics are strain and dose specific - Clinical studies draw conclusions based on the strain of probiotic bacteria used. E.g. Just because a product contains L. rhamnosus, does not necessarily mean that it provides the health benefits of L. rhamnosus ATCC531-3.

"Live and active cultures" does not necessarily mean “Imparts health benefits”– required numbers of bacteria must be able to survive GI journey through stomach and bile acids and be a strain or strains with appropriate benefit for your needs

Attributes of a Good Probiotic

Examples of Good Probiotics

Examples of effective probiotic dosages

How to take a Probiotic Supplement

Take probiotic supplement prior to eating breakfast - with a glass of pure water;

Wait 10-15 minutes after taking it before you eat – this is the most efficient method because stomach acid from your meal could impact some of the 'good' bacteria (you could lose 5-10%); however, if you forget, take it anyway even with a meal

Avoid taking it within 3 hours of taking any antibiotic

Store probiotic in airtight container in freezer to retain maximum potency

Consume prebiotics to feed benefical flora

Consume prebiotics to feed beneficial flora

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