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EXERCISE The Professional's Code

The Professional's Code

By John Carlton (Adapted by this website author)

Several generations of Americans have now graduated from the education system believing that a good excuse is a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”

Flunked a test? Forgot to finish your essay on time?Late for class? No problem... IF you have a great excuse.

I knew a girl in college who killed off her grandmother three times in three semesters. Got her out of taking a final (didn't study), out of being penalized for skipping a week of class (rock concert), out of not having a paper written on time (didn't even try). Granny never found out. And lived a good many more years. And this girl went on to the Dean's List, grad school, and a PhD.

The lesson learned:

You can be instantly forgiven... even felt sorry for... if you just deliver a good enough excuse for screwing up.

That's a really bad lesson to absorb. . .

Because once you get out of school and into the real world, you have a very rude discovery to make:

No one gives a rat's ass about WHY you screwed up!

The fact you DID screw up is all that matters. Your excuse will comfort no one but you, as you lick your wounds and look for another job.


What is the Professional's Code?

It's very simple:

You show up where you're supposed to be... when you said you'd be there... having done what you said you'd do.

That's it. The phrase "show up" includes the physical act of appearing where you're supposed to be... as well as the virtual act of meeting your deadlines.

It's really not that tough to adopt the ProCode

It takes a commitment, and requires the skill to tell others "No" when faced with a tough choice – And to tell yourself"No" when your very natural urge to flake out and bail on your responsibilities flares up.

Everyone would rather party, or even veg out... instead of buckling down and finishing the job they signed up for. That's the easy path. Being a true rebel nowadays means embracing responsibility with gusto and energy. The last rebellious act in business, really, is to commit to success. No matter what.

Your social life will suffer. The family will get mad at you. No one will understand, and you will toil without immediate gratification from outside sources

(Your rewards must come from within and a sense of self-respect)

And it all rests on a simple foundation . . .

If you take on a job, you do it. You kill the whiny beasts in your head, wrestle your attention deficit disorder into submission, push through pain and grief and disaster,

. . .to do what you promised you'd do.

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