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EXERCISE Air (Oxygen) - For Health

AIR (OXYGEN) - “The Breath of Life”

#1 requirement in the body - TRY NOT BREATHING FOR A FEW MINUTES! :)

Oxygen is one of the four most abundant elements.   49.2% of Earth's crust (by weight), 85% of sea water, 42% of all vegetation and over 62% of the human body. The most stable form of oxygen is two oxygen atoms combined to form the 3O2 molecule. This is the form we breathe and the form our cells use to create energy.

We are 60% Oxygen:

Oxygen is needed to produce energy in every healthy cell - 90% of our body's energy is derived from oxygen. It is essential for optimal cellular energy production to promote proper cell function

The body uses oxygen to "burn up" (oxidize) toxins - Wastes combine with oxygen for removal from the body

Our brain requires 20% of our body's oxygen needs

Oxygen Improves Skin

✔Aids in healing of damaged skin

✔Natural detoxification of skin cells

✔Reduces inflammation

✔Detoxification of cellular tissues

✔Acts as an antibacterial environment

✔Helps strengthen elastic fibers and collagen

Oxygen required to produce cellular energy

Availability of Oxygen in the mitochondria is the rate limiting step in ATP energy production.   And therefore the health limiting issue for most people.

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