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EXERCISE Negative Oxygen Ions for health therapy

Negative Oxygen Ion (NOI orO2-) Therapy

NOIs are energetic, negatively-charged oxygen molecules or atoms - In humans (and other mammals) NOIs are obtained from the air through the lungs and acupuncture points and distributed throughout the body's electrical paths (sometimes called the meridian system).

–    Found Outdoors, in unpolluted areas - That uplifting and rejuvenating feeling you experience when near a waterfall, high in the mountains (pine needles produce copious amounts) or at the seaside, is certainly due in part to NOIs. Fresh country air typically contains 2000-4000 NOIs/cc (A cc is a cubic centimeter - about the size of a sugar cube).Yosemite Falls has been measured at 100,000 NOIs/cc. Contrast those to about 100 NOIs/cc on the LA freeway at rush hour!Since NOIs are "used up" neutralizing positive contaminants, they tend to be depleted in areas of pollution (in cities), near television / computer monitors (CRTs) and in dry hot winds. Air conditioning and heat deplete available NOIs, so open up the windows and let in the fresh air, especially while you sleep.

–   Negative Ion Therapy – in addition to equipment creating negative ions,therapy also includes applying some techniques to attract negative ions to the body and to encourage their absorption.

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