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GSE SEX - About Surprising Health Benefits

Healthy Sex!

When you get “That feeling”, the last thing on your mind is boosting your immune system or maintaining a healthy vascular system - but science showsthat enjoyable sex offers these health benefits and more.

People who have frequent sex tend to live longer and have healthier hearts and lower rates of certain cancers;studies also show that men with an active sex life have healthier sperm, and sexually active women have fewer menopause symptoms.

Nearly 100% of 500 U.S. adults surveyed believed that sexual enjoyment improves one's quality of life at any age - 84% of married women and 91% of married men believe a satisfying sex life is important to their individual lives and their relationships.

Marwick, Charles. (1999). “Survey Says Patients Expect Little Physician Help on Sex.”JAMA, 281(23), 2173–4.

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