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Healthy Sex!

When you get “That feeling”, the last thing on your mind is boosting your immune system or maintaining a healthy vascular system - but science shows that enjoyable sex offers these health benefits and more.

People who have frequent sex tend to live longer and have healthier hearts and lower rates of certain cancers; studies also show that men with an active sex life have healthier sperm, and sexually active women have fewer menopause symptoms.


Nearly 100% of 500 U.S. adults surveyed believed that sexual enjoyment improves one's quality of life at any age - 84% of married women and 91% of married men believe a satisfying sex life is important to their individual lives and their relationships.

Marwick, Charles. (1999). “Survey Says Patients Expect Little Physician Help on Sex.”JAMA, 281(23), 2173–4.

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