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Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in Marriage

-         And the #1 Key to Having Incredible Sex



      If you want to better understand your mate and improve the intimacy in your marriage - Mark Gurgor has a succinct way of explaining how each of us function, so that we are better able to intimately interact with one another. Not only enlightening, this particular seminar is simply hilarious!


Intimacy And Marriage - Mark Gurgor


      The key to having  incredible sex? – Mark Gungor “hits the nail” squarely on the head - This entertaining speaker  will enlighten you to some home truths:


#1 Key to Incredible Sex (Part 1)


-       The #1 Key is “Exclusivity” - focus on just the one special person – your spouse;  


-       Don’t masturbate – – makes the spouse unnecessary; can entrain the man’s penis to be unable to function with a woman; starting masturbation habit early on wrecks the man’s  sex life for the rest of his life; Orgasm with its endorphin rush is not the same as that of ejaculation


-       No porn - robs you of a great sex life by making a man dependent on it for climax – makes woman feel like she’s “out of the picture”


-       Don’t fantasize - the real person with you is the one that loves and knows you;  the fantasy person most likely could give a toss about you, even if they do know you, which they probably  don’t


      Other helpful  Mark Gurgor videos:


Wait until marriage to have sex


-       Men form an imprint of just the sex from their first sexual encounters, not the woman - which are often with women they don’t know well, if at all, and under “not real life” conditions. They then attempt to expect a similar sexual performance from their wives and are let down when the “real life” wife performs differently   


-       Women imprint on what happens after sex, which before marriage is nothing, so sex means nothing - Women who have multiple partners release less and less OXYTOCIN during intercourse with each succesive man. OXYTOCIN is called the bonding hormone, which connects the woman emotionally to the man. This hormone is also released during breast-feeding.

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Intimacy in Marriage - And the #1 Key to having Incredible Sex

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