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The Beck Protocol

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"You can do it yourself, and it is cheap. You will never have a cold again. You will never miss work again. This is the best investment that you can make in your health. It is taking back your power from the doctors and the pharmaceutical houses who have had it for generations...It will work. Not maybe.”

-      Bob Beck


What is the Beck Protocol?


The Beck Protocol applies Electromedicine  as an extremely Effective therapy

 to Detoxify the Body  and Energize the Body’s Cells,

with successful healing for many health problems, including cancer


      The Beck Protocol is a combination of 4 independent tool-assisted "Electromedicine" therapies - which very effectively:


-       Detoxifies the body of pathogens  (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa) and toxins;


-       Energizes the body’s cells;


-       Fully restores  immune system function - which can then destroy cancer cells.



      Who is Dr. Beck ? - This therapy was developed in the 1990's by Dr. Robert C. Beck (D.Sc.), who was a highly respected research physicist, holding a D.Sc.in physics from the University of Southern California. He was a professor at the University of California and a consultant to the US Navy. He invented and held a patent on the camera flash bulb. In the early 1980's, his research focused on the brain and altered states of consciousness, resulting in his John Fitzer Foundation award-winning design of a brain "tuner", which is used successfully to alleviate insomnia, depression, anxiety and addictions.

CES Therapy


E.g. Using SOTA Bio-Tuner


      Beck determined that the details of his powerful protocol should be made available to all mankind - and not just to those who could profit from it or suppress it, and so provided free online access to all the information on his health-restoring protocol, including schematics of the tools required. He also spent his latter years giving lectures enlightening people about this therapeutic protocol.



Story behind the Beck protocol


In 1991, Dr. Beck’s interest was stimulated when he read in “Science News magazine” about a research project at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, that the application of a small electric current could prevent the AIDS virus from infecting laboratory-cultured, human white blood cells. In attempting to obtain information presented at a symposium given by the project’s research doctors, he found that their research paper had been mysteriously deleted. However, in 1993, the research became public when a U.S. patent was approved for the college research doctors, which utilized a micro-electric current to sterilize blood for transfusions, destroying almost all viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi instantly.  [U.S. Patent 5,188,738 Kaali, et. al. * Feb. 23, 1993]. One might expect such a patent to gain headline attention – but of course it did not, since powerful pharmaceutical companies protect their profits by controlling the so-called “independent” press.


After learning of this government confirmation, Dr. Beck set to work to design a safe, simple, affordable, non-invasive method to apply a micro-current directly to the body.  Combining the Kaali and Lyman research with that of physicist Robert O. Becker (author of “Cross Currents and “Body Electric”) and his team at Syracuse university, he also proved that atomic-sized particles of pure silver suspended in water (called "Ionic Colloidal Silver“) can destroy even the most drug resistant bacteria and viruses on contact.


 Instead of profiting from the machines he designed, Beck made his designs freely available to us via the internet, thus making it impossible for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to control or suppress his inventions. Anyone with any electrical know-how can make their own machines. Also, a friend of Beck’s, Russ Torlage, began the SOTA company to make Beck’s machines, naming them the “Silver Pulser” and the “Magnetic Pulser”, at a price affordable to most people.


Despite being harassed constantly by the FDA, Dr. Beck continued to lecture until his death in 2002, so that all would know that electro-medicine is the key to reversing today's health problems.



Overview of the Beck Protocol


      An overview of the Beck Protocol is provided here, but for more specific details, link to:


How to Apply the Beck Protocol


      The Beck Protocol is a combination therapy designed by Dr. Robert C. Beck (D.Sc.), especially effective with serious health conditions - incorporating the following 4 components:

(1)  A Blood Purifier - utilizing Voltage Square Wave Therapy  (VSWT).

 Micro-current (extremely low level) electricity applied to or induced in the body has been shown to destroy microbes, toxins and cancer cells in the blood, lymph and organs, and increase cellular energy output.




-       Alternating microcurrents have been shown to eliminate microbes  by  destroying a key enzyme on the surface of a microbe, preventing it from multiplying.



-       A small electrical device creating the microbe-destroying  microcurrent accesses the blood at the pulse points on the wrist - Using a velcro strap, cotton-covered leads from a device, such as the SOTA Silver Pulser, are attached externally to pulse points on the wrist to deliver a gentle, alternating microcurrent into the blood. The disabled microbes are unable to "hang on" to cells and are excreted from the body.


E.g. Using SOTA Silver Pulser as a Blood Purifier




(2)  An Organ Detoxifier - utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT).

An electromagnetic pulser creates an electromagnetic pulse (you don't feel it) that induces a microcurrent in the targeted organ or area to disable microbes. It is used to cleanse liver, kidneys, spleen and lymph, and to target cancerous or problem areas – a lollipop-type wand is placed over each target area for a few seconds.

E.g. Using 
SOTA Magnetic Pulser



(3)  Ionic Colloidal Silver (ICS)


-       A natural antibiotic;


-       Almost tasteless liquid; taken orally;


-       SAFELY destroys microbes in the body


  Ionic Colloidal Silver (ICS)


(BTW, you can also use the SOTA Silver Pulser to make ICS))


  (4)  Drinking ozonated water (an "Active Oxygen" therapy)

E.g. Made by bubbling ozone gas through water using the SOTA O3zonator

-       Significantly increases Blood OXYGEN levels;


-       Destroys toxins released by dying micro-organisms   (by creating Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the body) - Many people experience fatigue and flu-like symptoms, referred to as the The Herxheimer Reaction, when they use electromedicine for detoxification.  Drinking ozonated helps relieve these symptoms by eliminating the toxins.


Although the Beck Protocol advocates drinking ozonated water, there are other alternative bio-oxidative therapies - E.g. Magnesium Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy  and Ozone Therapy


How to Apply the Beck Protocol



Membrane Antioxidant Enzyme systems Protect Healthy Cells from Oxidation


      Healthy cells are not damaged by "oxidizers" - such as ROS, because healthy, aerobic cells and organisms contain protective antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes. Microbes and diseased cells have less protective enzymes and fall prey to ROS, whether produced by the immune system cells or therapeutically introduced.

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