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GSE Infrared K-Laser Therapy - Reduce pain /inflammation and enhance tissue healing

Infrared K-Laser (Class 4 laser) Therapy

Red /Infrared therapy speeds healing and reduces pain /swelling

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

A red/infrared frequency of light is applied to problem areas of the body by a powerful (>10 watt) class 4 laser.   This stimulation increases circulation, speeds up healing, and reduces pain and swelling; 

Infrared K-lasers

Infrared K-Laser (Class 4 laser) therapy is a frequency therapy in the infrared range (~700-1000 nanometers).   Producing a photochemical reaction that is very effectively used to:

✔ Reduce pain

✔ Reduce inflammation

✔ Enhance tissue healing (in hard and soft tissues, incl. muscles, ligaments, bones)

The Class 4 K-laser is more powerful than many other laser devices used for therapy in the U.S.:

-   Minimum power requirement of class 3a, 3b and 4 lasers

✔ Class 3a lasers are a minimum 5 milliwatts

✔ Class 3b lasers range from 5 - 500 milliwatts

✔ Class 4 laser must be > 500 milliwatts i.e. ½ a watt - this higher powered infrared laser is capable of deeper penetration into the body to reach muscles, and areas such as spine and hip

-   The K-Series Class 4 Lasers

✔ K-800 - has power adjustable from 0.1 - 8 Watts

✔ K-1200 - 0.1 - 12 Watts

✔ CUBE-4 - 0.1 - 15.0 Watts in continuous wave and 20 Watts peak / 12 Watts average in Intense Super-Pulsed mode.

The K-lasers diffuse the laser light over an area the size of a quarter.   For comparison, surgical cutting lasers use ~100 watts and spot focus the laser

K-lasers are FDA-approved as medical therapy devices

✔ However, the FDA consider it only as an infrared heating lamp.   The FDA does not recognize the bio-stimulatory effects of the laser

✔ K-lasers are prescription medical devices available for sale and use only to health professionals.  These are then trained by the manufacturer in their use. The U.S. has many K-laser therapy providers across the country (locations found at Except in a few cases, treatment cost (~$40-175 / treatment) is not covered by insurance.


Dr. Mercola ( interview with Dr. Phil Harrington,a chiropractic physician who was involved in the development of the K-laser

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