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The basis behind a Rife Resonance Therapy

Rife Resonance Therapy against Diseases

Build-up Gradually to a Frequency Therapy

The basis behind Rife Resonance Therapy

(1) Many diseases are the result of increased microbial presence in the body - for example:

–    The well-documented diseases resulting from excessive bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites – E.g.influenza, malaria, tuberculosis, sarcoma, typhoid - to name a very few

–    Cancer (not well-recognized as a microbial invasion) – Rife discovered that a cell becomes cancerous when a pleomorphic “cancer microbe”enters into and takes up residence in a normal cell (probably through a compromised/damaged cell membrane). Rife called themicrobe BX, which some researchers now believe may be Helicobacter Pylori ,the same bacteria that lives in the stomach (also responsible for most stomach ulcers). The microbe hijacks the cell's energy-producing machinery and alters its DNA such that the cell can then multiply without restraint.

Microbial Theory of Cancer

(2) In the 1930's, using a high-powered microscope, microbiologist Dr. Rife saw that if a microbe is exposed to a frequency that causes it to resonate, it will explode and die (analagous to the opera singer breaking a glass) - Dr. Rife designed two machines (one more powerful than the other), both of which could deliver :

(i)  A “killer” wave - to vibrate/oscillate themicrobe at its specific Mortal Oscillation Rate (MOR) to either kill it or at the very least disable it (Rife used the term devitalize).

This little video clip demonstrates the principle

After much experimentation, Rife documented many of the MOR frequencies for specific microbes; this list has since been expanded by other researchers (see below)

“Disease organisms such as those of tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, typhoid and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies peculiar to each individual organism, and directed upon them by rays conveying a wide range of waves.”

- The Smithsonian Institution, Annual Report 1944

Video of Rife frequency killing Paramecium Bacteria

(ii)  A “Carrier” wave to carry the killer wave through cell membranes to the inside of cells, so that it can devitalize the pleomorphic “cancer microbe”residing INSIDE the cancer cell – the “cancer microbe” is able to present itself in different forms, thus requiring a series of killer frequencies to eradicate it. When these microbes inside a cancer cell were killed, the cell was able to restore its metabolism and revert to normal.i.e. There are no dead cancer cells to overburden the immune system, no damage to healthy cells, and this therapy works faster than methods thatrely on building up the immune system(although this is also necessary in the long-term). Rife claimed a 100% cure rate for cancer, until the FDA shut him down for refusing to sell his technology to the AMA, who he believed would only bury it.

The Rife machines are available today as the "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" which meet all of Rife's original specifications. Not only can they beused to kill microbes inside cancer cells, but also in organs and in the bloodstream (similar to the Bob Beck Protocol), which helps supercharge the immune system. Of all the so-called Rife frequency generators on the market, the "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" (with a choice of one of two amplifiers) is the “cat's meow”for replicating Rife's technology. For information on the "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" and its two amplifier choices:



Rife Resonance Therapy against Diseases

A Rife Resonance Therapy is able to kill microbes in hard to reach places in the body and so “tackle” most diseases/infections, including ALL cancers – accessing:

–    INSIDE cancer cells (using a carrier frequency) - where with the right frequency sets, it can kill the cancer microbe and enable the cell to revert to its normal metabolism. This therapy can thus be used against ALL cancers, includingbone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc


–   “Using the HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR”+ Amplifier

–    The nerve sheath -E.g. MS and Peripheral neuropathy may be caused by a spirochete bacteria


–    The brain and bones – often hard to get at with other modalities


“The New Universal SIdeband Frequency List” - may be ordered online (but not from the "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" manufacturer or its distributors) and contains the frequency settings for many types of infections. Search for: "Rife Frequencies" and add your specific health condition. Note that a set of frequencies is generally needed for each type of infection, since microbes can be present in different forms.

Build-up Gradually to a Frequency Therapy

Cancer patients in particular, typically have a heavy pathogenic load that a frequency therapy is designed to help remove from the body - however, in the process of killing these pathogens (E.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi both in the blood andinsidecancer cells), a massive release of toxins may be experienced, at a rate which may overwhelm the body's ability to eliminate them. To prevent a person giving up on a resonant frequency cancer protocol, it is important that the detoxification reactions are kept within their comfort zone. This is done by:

–    Gradually building up exposure to the frequencies over a few days - to allow the body to eliminate as many toxins as possible before starting the full treatment protocol.

Gradually Build up to a Full intensity Rife Resonance Frequency Therapy

–    Take various measures to aid body's detoxification

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