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GB-4000 Frequency Generator with SR-4 or MOPA Ampliflier

Rife Resonance Frequency Therapy

Gradually Build Up to Full Intensity

To prevent anyone giving up a frequency protocol in response to severe detoxification symptoms, it is critical that they prepare their bodies to minimize the Herxheimer “Detoxification”  reaction.   This can occur when the immune sytem is overburdened from removing excessive amounts of debris from the body. Of special mention, some daily tactics to help the detoxification process along:

✔  Flush the body by drinking plenty of water and use a biooxidative therapy (E.g. drink ozonated water or take a 30 min. hydrogen peroxide footbath).

✔  Utilize a sauna.    Opens up the pores to release toxins through the skin

Detoxification / “Herxheimer” Reaction - And How to Minimize its Effects

Gradually build up exposure to the frequencies over a few days.   Allows the body to eliminate as many toxins as possible before starting the full treatment protocol.


Tactics to Build up Exposure to /Intensity of frequencies when beginning protocol

When using the:

-   “15 WATT LINEAR AMPLIFIER”.     The "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" power output can be turned up gradually over the initial treatment days

-   “PLASMA AMPLIFIER”.    The easiest way to build-up to the full treatment protocol is to place the plasma/gas tube further away from the body than when using it at its fullest intensity. E.g. you could begin by putting the tube at a distance of 18 inches away from the body, and gradually move closer on successive days according to your treatment reaction symptoms. Some researchers wanting full effect put it only 2 inches away from the body

If necessary, R. Webster Kehr, previously of www.cancertutor.com, suggested the following tactics for overcoming a strong Herxheimer /detoxification reaction:

✔  After the initial treatments, have two days 'on' the protocol and one day 'off '.   Allows the body time to clear itself.

✔  Adjust the number of 'on' and 'off ' days to whatever the body can tolerate.    However, keep in mind that an aggressive schedule is necessary to attain success. Treatments of 3, 4, 5 and 6 times a week have had successful outcomes.

✔  Some have been successful with treatments 6 days a week for the first two weeks, and then reducing to 5, 4, or 3 days a week

You should use your own judgement, adjusting the schedule to whatever you determine is the maximum acceptable level for you

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