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How long to stay on Cancer Protocol using GB-4000 with MOPA or SR-4 Amplifier

How Long to Stay on Frequency Protocol for Cancer?

Initially apply cancer protocol for one to two months.    However, take a break one day per week, then assess your symptoms.

-With severe Herxheimer (detoxification) reaction or excessive fatigue.   Reduce exposure time to the frequencies and also detoxify elimination organs:

Herxheimer Reaction - And how to Minimize its Effects

Clean the Cleaning Organs

Self-assess your progress.    Use your own judgement in assessing the improvement of your symptoms to decide whether to continue the full protocol, a reduced version or stop altogether.

If you feel you are not making headway, then alter your schedule to reduce exposure to the frequencies.    E.g. two days on, one day off, which may yield better results.


(i) Symptoms disappear

(ii) You are satisfied your treatment is making headway

Gradually cut back scheduled treatments for 2-3 months until you reach maintenance level.    Maintenance level can be from one to a few times a week and should be continued for about a year. With an impaired immune system, it may be necessary to stay on some maintenance levelindefinitely.

During maintenance you may want to use the "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" to tackle other existing health conditions:

A Navarro Urine test scoring 52 or less is a good indicator that your treatment worked.   Wait 6-8 weeks after cancer symptoms have gone to allow time for proteins to clear the body.

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