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Tulsi Tea for health

Tulsi Tea - “Stress Relief alternative to caffeine drinks”

What is Tulsi Tea?

Tulsi (holy basil) tea is an adaptogenic mixture of Indian herbs an adaptogen is a non-toxic agent that improves the capability of an organism to adapt to stressors.

The Tulsi herb contains hundreds of beneficial phytochemicals - non-nutritive plant compounds containing protective and health promoting properties. Synergistic compounds possess potential antioxidant, adaptogenic, and immune-enhancing properties that can help promote your general health.

Prepared in the same way as black or green tea

Potential health advantages provided by Tulsi tea

  1. Supports healthy vision
  2. Helps boost respiratory system
  3. Antioxidant protection against free radicals
  4. Helps alleviate minor discomfort and irritation
  5. Calming effect and stress relief
  6. Helps bolster immune system
  7. Aids stamina enhancment
  8. Helping you promote a healthy metabolism
  9. Boosting your digestive system health
  10. Helping you maintain blood sugar levels in the normal range
  11. Providing you with skeletal and joint support
  12. Aiding you in supporting normal cholesterol levels

Can be purchased loose or in teabags in various flavors

Table shows potential uses of Tulsi within Ayurveda

(Ayurveda is India's holistic health system)

Ayurvedic preparation

Application for:


Respiratory system and normal body temperature support


Respiratory system health? promotion


Appetite support

Mahajwarankuca Rasa

Normal body temperature support

Jwarakunjana -- parindra Rasa

Stamina promotion and respiratory support

Bhallataka Lauha

Digestive system support, loss of appetite, and stamina

Bhaktavipaka Bati

Elimination system promotion

Dakamuladya Ghrita

Respiratory system support

Lauha Parppati

Maintaining blood sugar/pressure levels within the normal range

Vrihat Yogaraja Guggulu

Skeletal and joint system maintenance

Saurecwara Ghrita

Maintaining a normal digestive and elimination system

Rasacekhara Cwitrapanchanana and Durlabha Rasa

Promoting healthy skin

Mahanila oil

Healthy hair

Vakuladya oil

Dental hygiene suppor

Maktadi Mahanjana

Healthy vision promotion

Kumara Kalyana Ghrita

Dental hygiene promotion in children

Table adapted from Tulsi -- The Mother Medicine of Nature, by Dr. Narendra Singh



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