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GSE Simple Instructions - How to Apply Ozone Therapy at Home

How to Apply Ozone (O3) Therapy at Home

Ozone Therapy Application Methods

INGESTION (Drink ozonated water)





Ozone therapy success depends on administering the right amount of ozone

The Arndt-Schultz phenomenon - states that a substance is stimulating in a small dose, modulating in a larger one, and suppressive in a larger dose. Every therapeutic agent has an optimal dose, and ozone is no exception – it too has a "therapeutic window".

–   On the one hand, a sufficiency of an active form of oxygen for the blood means - Better blood circulation, assimilation of nutrients, body temperature balance, vasomotor activity, digestion, better elimination of waste products, less chance of auto-intoxication or toxemia, better ability for the body to repair and restore itself during sleep, and less chance of infection and disease.

–   On the other hand, oxidant stress becomes a problem when there is a lack of oxidant-buffering antioxidant systems -Ozone therapy has been in existence for over a hundred years, and although not completely agreed upon, the effective treatment variables have been quite well established for treating various health problems.

Ozone doses are controlled by the user  - and will be determined by the ozone concentration required for the chosen application method and by the amount of time exposed to the ozone. Concentration is controlled by setting the flow rate of oxygen into the ozone generator and/or altering the concentration directly at the generator.

Ozone Treatment Dose

Ozone response rash

Dealing with ozone healing-response rash

Synergistic Therapies

✔ Hydrogen Peroxide

Contraindications / Warnings


▲  ALL forms of ozone therapy are contraindicated for people who have had a tissue transplant - since the body's immune system will be stimulated into attacking the transplant.

Some ozone protocols are also contraindicated in the following situations:

▲  If Pregnant or had Previous stroke – Do NOT use Sauna protocol

▲  If recent internal bleeding, including menses - Do NOT use intravenous protocol -

▲  If thrombocytopenia, recent internal bleeding or liver under stress - Do NOT use autohemotherapy

▲ With fauvism (deficient G-6-PD enzyme, the oxidant protection system of red blood cells)


Some say that the combination of ozone and DMSO can be fatal, some advocate combining them - For safety, people who use both of these treatments separately usually wait eight hours between each treatment.

Ozone amplifies the effect of drugs and supplements - due to increased cellular absorption.

Wait 1 hour Before / After Eating - Since ozone oxidizes just about anything, people avoid ozone for one hour before and one hour after eating anything.

IF TAKING VITAMIN C IN LARGE AMOUNTS (> 1 GRAM) - then take the Vitamin C about 1 hour after ozone therapy because of vitamin C's antagonistic affect on ozone activity. A 5g oral dose of vitamin C will actually stop the effect of already administered ozone, if for some reason you want to do that.

Ozone Can / Ozone Can't

Ozone cannot oxidize fluoride

Ozone can oxidize other toxins - including mercury, allowing it to be sweated out through the pores.


The Story of Ozone (Sixth Edition) by Saul Pressman

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