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GSE Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)

- Extremely effective and safe electrotherapy for many health problems

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What is PEMFT?

PEMFT provides a rapidly changing electromagnetic field at effective magnetic field intensites and frequencies, which can have therapeutic effects when introduced into the body:

GENERAL Therapeutic Effects of PEMFT



Wellness / Healthy Aging

Better sleep

Pain relief

Restores Immune System

More Energy

Stress Reduction

Accelerates tissue/bone healing




Type II Diabetes

Reproductive/Urinary Conditions

Bronchial Asthma

Cardiovascular Problems

Gastro-intestinal Conditions


Neurological Problems

Bacterial/Viral Infection

Bone/Joint Disorders


Skin Problems/ Conditions

Vascular Problems

For more detailed list, see: Successful Applications of PEMFT


How is PEMFT Applied to the Body?

Electromagnetic Induction

When a changing magnetic field intersects a conductor in a closed circuit, it generates a current in the conductor; this is the basic principle on which all rotary electric generators and alternators operate.

PEMFs demonstrating therapeutic bioelectric phenomena are applied to the body by various methods - here are some examples:

(a)   To reach tissue where blood doesn't flow.

✔   Via the face coil of an electromagnetic pulser  - E.g. the SOTA Magnetic Pulser.

✔   By lying on a full body mat that contains electric coils used to produce PEMFs - E.g. iMRS 2000



(b)   To treat the blood

✔  Applying, a micropulse on bare skin over pulse points (where the blood flows near the surface of the body) -  E.g. using the SOTA Silver Pulser, which provides a voltage square wave) - The level of current produced in the blood, usually 50-100 µA, but < 500 µA, works with the similar level of tiny currents flowing in the many conductive pathways of a healthy body. This includes nerve fibers, blood vessels (blood serum is electrically conductive) and the extracellular fluid bathing the cells. (Current used is actually ~1000 times less than that used in FDA approved TENS units, and well below sensation threshold. Study results show that applied currents > 1000 µA  can have a negative effect)

✔   An alternating Microcurrent can be directly applied to blood in a clinical setting -  blood is removed from the body, similar to dialysis, and treated with a microcurrent before being returned to the body.

DC micro-currents have also been applied directly across a tumor - an invasive medical procedure using needle electrodes that puncture the skin. Results show significant tumor shrinkage).

Safe and Effective

More than 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the effective health benefits of PEMFs on the human body - Research on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) has been conducted worldwide for over 3 decades. PEMFT effectiveness is backed by 30 years of research, initiated in Russia and Eastern Europe. The research proves routine neurological, physiological (relating to body functions), hormonal and psychological benefits, where frequency (Hz), magnetic flux density (Gauss or Tesla) and treatment duration are within certain guidelines.


Vodovnik L, et al. Modified cell proliferation due to electrical currents


PEMFT Yields Results without Infection Risk, Invasive Procedures or Side Effects  - PEMFT has proven capable of equal or better results than conventional therapies and invasive procedures.

Criteria for choosing an effective device for PEMFT

Criteria for choosing an effective device for PEMFT

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