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GSE Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF Therapy PEMFT / Voltage Square Wave Therapy VSWT

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)

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Main Functions of PEMFT

Rapidly changing EMFs present several useful phenomena when applied to animal/human tissue. Results vary with therapeutic strength, rate of change of magnetic field, and duration of change of field.

1. Destroys Micro-organisms (produces antimicrobial ultrasound)

2. Harmonizes / Stimulates Glands

3. Increases Blood Oxygen Levels and Red Blood Cell Count

4. Normalizes Cell “Battery”  / Improves Cell Energy production

5. Decreases Pain and Inflammation

6. Restores Immune System Function

7. Destroys Cancer Cells

8. Reduces Scarring


(1) Destroys Micro-organisms

Special thanks to physicist Gary Wade for his invaluable research and knowledge in this area

Microbial infections must be removed from damaged body tissue before repair and healing can occur

High intensity PEMFs (E.g Using SOTA® Magnetic Pulser) and Specific low frequency, VSWT (E.g. Using SOTA® Silver Pulser) is proven to destroy a large percentage of micro-organisms in the extra-cellular space:

–   Leaving normal cells and beneficial enzymes intact and healthy - human cells are very different from and much bigger than bacteria and viruses, and although the healthy cells do suffer transient disruption from the electromagnetic therapy, they are able to compensate for the disruption;


–   Significantly lowered PCR viral load counts in AIDS patients - in private research at New Port Beach hospital, a combination therapy using high-intensity PEMFT, such as Beck's Magnetic Pulser (E.g. SOTA® Magnetic Pulser) and low-frequency voltage square waves applied with electrodes, such as “Beck Blood Purifier”(E.g SOTA® Silver Pulser) was successful in lowering PCR viral load counts in AIDS patients from over several hundred thousands per ml to 250 per ml (test noise level).

–   Patent-supported - U.S. Patent # 5,188,738 discloses that a weak electric current flow through the blood can kill or deactivate the vast majority of viruses and microbes.

Broadband Ultrasound can Destroy Microorganisms

–   Vibrational energy researcher Dr. Royal Rife found that every microbe (single-cell organism, bacteria, fungus and virus) has at least one ultrasound frequency which can easily neutralize it  - If the resonating frequency of a microbe matches or is close to a frequency induced by an applied energy therapy, then the microbe will be destroyed. (Rife observed viruses exploding when exposed to what he called their mortal oscillation rate or MOR). By 1939, Dr. Rife had found the lethal ultrasound frequencies for the microbes associated with 52 major diseases (Rife's work was verified by clinical trials carried out in 1934, 1935, and 1937 by the Special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California).


–   Broadband ultrasound contains a range of frequencies lethal to most microbes - since they contain delicate protein structures vital to their existence (e.g. Protein structures in virus capsid coat bind with target cell proteins), but which are susceptible to destruction by certain mechanical shaking rates.

For the “nitty gritty” on how PEMFT produces Broadband ultrasound:

How does PEMFT produce Broadband Ultrasound (lethal to microbes)

(2) Harmonizes and Stimulates Glands

Specific frequencies regulate/balance hormones in the neuroendocrine system. E.g. Endorphins and dopamine(associated with pain). These frequencies do not necessarily have to be applied to the head region, since the meridians can carry them throughout the body.

CES Therapy

SOTA Bio-Tuner

(3) Increases Red Blood Cell Count / Blood Oxygen Levels

Significantly increases Red Blood Cell (RBC) Count and Concentrations of oxygen transporting haemoglobinand plasmatic proteins

CIESLAR G., SIERON A., TURCZYNSKI B., ADAMEK M. and JASKOLSKI F. The influence of extremely low-frequency variable magnetic fields on rheologic and dielectric properties of blood and the water-electrolyte balance in experimental animals

PEMF increases blood oxygen levels - which creates an alkaline state in the body and greatly improves cellular energy production.

(4) Normalizes Cell “Battery Voltage”/ Increases CELLULAR ATP Production

Much of the success of PEMFT lies in its ability to significantly raise the cell “battery voltage”of sick or damaged cells to the normal, healthy range - PEMFs (and also low voltage square waves with their rapidly changing magnetic fields) applied to the body at a compatible, therapeutic electromagnetic frequency and polarity are demonstrated to improve cellular energy production by up to 500%.

High-frequency electric fields increase cell membrane potential (capacitance) and trans-membrane current flow, which affects membrane permeability - Weak biocurrents, naturally present in living organisms, control growth and repair traveling through the nerves or the liquid crystal semiconducting proteins of the connective tissue.

Borgens RB, Robinson KR, Vanable JW, McGinnis ME. Electric Fields in Vertebrate Repair. NY: Alan R. Liss, 1989

Ho MW. The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms, 2nd ed. River Edge, NJ: World Scientific, 1998

Oschman JL. Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis. Edinburgh, England: Churchill Livingstone, 2000

Tissue injury or disease increases its electrical resistance, impeding the flow of healing biocurrents through that tissue

Becker RO, Selden G. The Body Electric. New York: W. Morrow and Company Inc, 1985

A decrease in the flow of natural electrical currents through an injured area also decreases the cell “battery”level (membrane potential) of cells in the affected area.

–    The cell membrane is a capacitor and a frequency-dependent conductor - The cell membrane separates and maintains a balance between the intracellular and extra-cellular fluid and electrolytes, such as water, sodium and potassium. The passage of electrically charged ions through trans-membrane, protein ion-channels creates an electric current flow through the membrane. The buildup of different concentrations of mineral ions on either side of the membrane helps create a cell membrane potential i.e. cell membranes are capacitors able to accumulate and store charge (energy) to be given up when needed. Any condition, illness or change in dietary intake that affects the composition of the cell membranes and their associated minerals can affect and alter cellular capacitance.

The Cell “Battery”

–    An electric field in the vicinity of a cell or human body will cause a current to flow in the cell or body proportional to the frequency of the electric field - For soft tissues, low frequency (Natural or applied electrical fields) create currents conducted primarily along the surface of cells Adey WR. Whispering Between Cells: Electromagnetic fields and regulatory mechanism in tissue. Frontier Perspectives 1993a;3(2):21-25. When high frequency fields are externally applied (using generators such as microcurrent devices, magnetic pulsers or the plasma tubes of Rife devices), electrical charging of the cell membranes occurs causing an increase in cell membrane capacitance and increased conduction of current through the cellmembranes.

Haltiwanger SG. The Electrical Properties of Cancer Cells Presented at Rife 2003 International Conference in Seattle, WA http://www.royalrife.com/haltiwanger1.pdf.


Note that the low-frequency devices that generate rapidly changing currents (pulsed or square wave) also produce high frequency ultrasound, thus having the same effect as devices that generate high frequency currents/fields.

–    Higher frequency fields can strongly positively affect cell membrane permeability - thus affecting nutrient entry into and toxin release from cells.

Increase in energy production is also due in part to the cumulative effect of improving oxygen/nutrient delivery to cells - by destroying microbes, increasing blood oxygen levels, and by harmonizing/stimulating glandular functions, which control the entire body's operations.

Appropriate electrical currents increases cellular ATP production rate - when an electrical current of appropriate magnitude and direction flows through a cell, hydrogen ions are formed (by electrolysis of water at the positive cell membrane), which diffuse through the cell. On reaching the mitochondrial membrane, these hydrogen ions power the formation of ATP at an increased rate –see “Cellular respiration”).

Membrane “batteries”of living cells will not accept a charge greater than in the normal range - Similar to recharging any battery.

(5) Decreases Pain and Inflammation

(by restoring normal membrane potentials at an accelerated rate)

All cells have a potential difference between their inner and outer membrane - A nerve or muscle cell has a normal resting cell membrane potential (cell “battery”voltage) of~70mV** and emits few chemical pain signals and inflammatory agents (histamines, nitric oxide, prostaglandins, etc).

** The usual convention when referring to the cell membrane “battery voltage” is to define the potential as negative, meaning that the inside is more negative than the outside. In this presentation, however, to aid our intuitive understanding, and to avoid confusion by referring to the battery voltage as negative, when it is actually charged up, the cell 'battery”level is given here as a positive voltage, meaning that the outside membrane is more positive than the inside membrane. Again, note that this is opposite to the conventional definition.

Damaged Cells cause pain - When cells are damaged, their membrane potentials change, causing the attraction of positive sodium ions into the cell and negative trace elements and proteins out of the cell. The net result is that liquid is attracted into the interstitial area and swelling or edema ensues, with its related pain.

Pain Transmission - Pain signals are transmitted along nerve cells (neurons) to their pre-synaptic terminals. Triggered by a large decrease in the neuron's resting “battery” voltage, the neuron releases a chemical transmitter from a synaptic vesicle contained within the membrane to be received by the next adjacent neuron, and so pass along the pain message.

The application of PEMFT to inflamed or painful sites causes the damaged cell and/or neuron “battery voltage” to be raised to a hyper-polarization level of about 90 mV, preventing both edema and transmission of a pain signal.


Pain signals are transmitted (by the movement of ions) along a nerve cell, and then from that nerve cell to another nerve cell by releasing a chemical neurotransmitter across the synaptic gap between them. The neurotransmitter release is triggered when the voltage across the nerve cell's membrane at the synaptic gap drops to -30mV. The membrane voltage at the synaptic gap is about 70mV under ”no pain”conditions, but decreases to -30mV as the pain signal approaches. The 100mV (70mV to -30mV) average change of potential voltage is sufficient to trigger the neurotransmitter release and thus transmit the pain signal to the next cell. However, when PEMFT to painful areas raises the voltage to about 90mV, the 100mV change lowers the synaptic voltage to only -10mV (90mV-100mV), which is insufficient to release the neurotransmitter, and therefore blocks the transfer of the pain signal.

(6) Restores Immune System Function

(by promoting Cellular Energy Production)

By promoting cellular energy production, PEMFT increases protein production, including immune system proteins (antibodies), enabling the immune system to function at full strength again. Full production of immune system signaling molecules such as interferon and interleukin-2, ammunition proteins produced by the immune system for use against “invaders”, enables the immune system to easily take care of malignant cells. Interferon is involved in the control of phagocytic cells that engulf and kill pathogens and abnormal cells. Interleukin-2 induces lymphocytes to differentiate and proliferate, yielding more T-helpers, T-suppressors, cytotoxic T- cells, T-delayed cells and T-memory cells. Energy researchers have found out that ~8 Hz. (in the Earth's Schumann frequency range) stimulates the immune system. (TheSOTA Silver and Magnetic Pulsers have a harmonic frequency within the Schumann frequency range).

(7) Destroys Cancer Cells

Warning: Tumorous Cancer Cells Must be Killed off Slowly

- to give the immune system time to deal with the microbial “dead bodies” (and their waste products) and the debris of destroyed cancer cells. Otherwise, the body can be dangerously overloaded with toxic waste.

PEMFT / VSWT destroys existing cancer cells and prevents cells turning cancerous by inactivating microbes, increasing cell membrane “batteries”, and by “supercharging” immune cell function

–   Microbial hijacking of cells is a possible underlying cause of a cell turning cancerous

–   The thinning membrane of a growing cancer cell makes it more porous - enabling anti-cancer antibodies of the immune system to more easily penetrate the membrane to attack the cell.

PEMFT may also provide a more direct mechanism of eliminating cancer cells - Some theories on the cancer destruction mechanism under debate:

–    Cancer cells infected with a virus can be destroyed when viruses budding from its membrane are inactivated – The places where the destroyed budding viruses break off leaves holes in the infected cell's membrane. This can be fatal to an infected cell actively producing viruses. A number of well-known researchers have correlated microbial infection with cancer cells, advocating that microbial infection is the final step in a process which causes cells to become cancerous.

–   Cancer cells become dehydrated - A prominent Swedish scientist, Bjorn Nordenstrom, found that cancer cells treated with electrotherapy appear to become dehydrated and die.He used an invasive surgical procedure, implanting electrodes in the tumor to generate micro-currents. (Note: PEMFT and VSWT create micro-currents in body tissue non-invasively). His basic techniques were adopted in China where, from 1988 to 1993 over 4,000 cases of advanced malignancy were treated. Of 2516 carcinoma cases in patients over 50 years old, a 78% favorable response rate was reported.

–   Alters Cancer cell's pH and DNA to inactivate reproduction - Dr. C.K. Chou, an American cancer researcher and his colleagues found that specific micro-currents alter the pH of the cancer cell and alter its DNA so that it cannot reproduce.


(8) Tissue and Scar Repair

Appropriate PEMFT can revert scar tissue to normal - A phenomenon of a repeatedly pulsed magnetic field is dedifferentiation of fibroblast cells and some types of precursor endothelial cell types into embryonic-looking cells.When a person suffers tissue damage, fibroblast cells migrate from body fatty tissue and the blood circulation to the damaged tissue site to form an emergency tissue patch.In minor damage, the injury will be nearly fully repaired with little scar tissue remaining in the area. Scar tissue mainly consists of fibroblast cells laid down to maintain a tough collagen protein fiber matrix, which holds the surrounding tissue together.However, when these cells are made to dedifferentiate by exposure to an appropriate PEMF, then during the time they are part of and maintaining scar tissue, or damaged tissue soon to become scar tissue, then some of the cells do not revert to being fibroblast and endothelial cells.Instead they become the type of cell that should be at the damaged tissue location or on the scar tissue edge, as if the damaged / scar tissue were not there.

–   Repair time - by exposing the damaged tissue or scar tissue to repeated pulsed magnetic fields for ~5 to 15 minutes varying from twice every day to once every other day for approximately 1-6 weeks often much of the damaged tissue or scar tissue can be repaired/ removed and be replaced with normal healthy tissue.

–   Wide range of parameters are effective at reducing scar tissue - Experiments conducted by physicist Gary Wade at the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases showed that desired results could be obtained with a relativelywide range of combinations of range of pulsed electric field rise times, pulsed electric field strengths, electric field pulse time widths, pulse rates, and total time of exposure to pulses that could produce the desired results of having fibroblast cells become embryonic looking and embryonic-like in their behavior.


Other effects of PEMFT / VSWT

Releases Calcium ions from inside the cell - Calcium build-up inside artery wall cells contributes to plaque build-up in atherosclerosis.

Adey WR., Biological effects of electromagnetic fields. J Cell Biochem. 1993 Apr;51(4):410-6. Review.

Pumping of lymph fluid by involuntary muscle contraction – waste products of cellular metabolism and various proteins and mineral and elemental ions that need to be transported back into the general blood supply enter the lymph vessels from the extracellular space.

Regulates virtually every cell function

–   DNA, RNA andprotein synthesis

–   Morphogenesis (concerned with shape of tissue, organs or organisms)

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