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GSE Criteria choosing an effective device for PEMF Therapy

Criteria for choosing an effective device for PEMFT

There are many PEMF devices on the market with many differences in:

•  Waveforms

•  Magnetic Intensities

•  Frequencies

•  Application methods

•  Cost

 A 4 year, multi-million dolllar NASA study published in 2003 provided some conclusive criteria for effective energy medicine using time-varying EMFs - this well-conducted and thorough study investigated  the effectiveness of  "the use of a time-varying electromagnetic field for potentiation of the growth of mammalian cells and tissues" - in particular, this study examined the growth and regeneration of human neural stem cells. (Time-varying means that the electric field has a changing voltage amplitude, produced by changing the current).

The study was not limited to PEMFs, but also included other energy medicines - including LED's, lasers and static magnetic fields. The NASA study found that slow (millisecond) pulses or sine waves, and static magnetic fields, even with intensities of ~12000 Gauss (~1.2 Tesla) were not as effective as lower intensity PEMFs. Finding that these other electrotherapies were not as efficacious as PEMFT, the NASA study moved its focus to PEMFs . . .

Significant growth rate of cells was clearly demonstrated using an AC current of  1- 6 mA square wave, at a pulse rate of 10 Hz with a variable duty cycle (which is the fraction of one period the pulse is active, compared to when it is off). The 10 Hz frequency is in line with the frequency of the life-sustaining Schumann resonance field surrounding the earth, which is also that of the brain's alpha waves when in a calm state.

Frequency (measured in Hertz) simply refers to the number of oscillations or wave cycles that pass by in one second: e.g. the musical note 'A' virbrates at 440 Hz - 440 wave cycles per second.

Cells were subjected to extremely low-level magnetic field intensities of 10 - 200 mGauss (1 - 20 µTesla) --- i.e. less than half of the Earth's average geomagnetic field strength of about 0.5 Gauss (50 µTesla).

By way of confirmation of their findings, the NASA study references a report by Sandyk et al. of a dramatic improvement in a patient with progressive degenerative multiple sclerosis when subjected to PEMF treatment at a frequency of 2-7 Hz and magnetic field intensity of 7.5 picoTesla (much less than the NASA study and closer to the Schumann field intensity of ~1 pico Tesla).

Sandyk R (1992a): Clinical Case Report - Successful treatment of multiple sclerosis with Prewett TL, Goodwin TJ, Spaulding GF (1993): Three-dimensional modeling of T-24 human magnetic fields. J Neurosci 66:237-250


The conclusions of this study provide a basis for the criteria of the PEMFs produced by a device for effective PEMF therapy :

 WAVEFORM - The EMF should change direction rapidly - E.g. as in a square wave,  impulse or saw-tooth wave; NOT slowly as in a sine wave or triangle waveform with a period of milliseconds; the fast-changing saw and square waveforms provide a spread of frequencies, generating multiple higher harmonics of their input frequncies into the ultrasound range (referred to as "Fourier transforms" - a  summation of a sine wave's fundamental frequency and its harmonic frequencies).

 MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITY / STRENGTH / AMPLITUDE - the MF intensities our bodies are familiar with i.e. NOT higher than that of the earth's geomagnetic field (33-66 µT) . In fact, our cells are so sensitive, they pick up signals as low as 1 picoTesla  (the approximate intensity of the Earth's Schumann Resonance field , which is 100,000 times lower than the strength of Earth's geomagnetic field!) PEMFT using low MF intensities has well established its effectiveness. In contrast, high intensity devices  (usually used for pain reduction) raise safety concerns and are very expensive ($10-30k and up) . So - - - lower intensity devices cost a lot less and are just as effective.

✔  FREQUENCY / PULSE RATE - The PEMF therapy works with earth-based frequencies around 0-30 Hz - our body's cells and brain operate / resonate with these frequencies and their higher harmonics - - - viz. the frequencies of the Earth. Specific frequencies in the 0-30Hz range have demonstrated particular therapeutic effectiveness for different problems - e.g., 2 Hz has been shown to aid nerve regeneration, 7Hz stimulates bone growth, 10 Hz repairs ligaments, and the Schumann frequency (~ 7-8 Hz) has had an overall success. 

It is important to acknowledge that the body also requires other natural frequencies to thrive  - In particular, we need sunlight, which provides us visible light, near infrared, and UV frequencies when we are out in the sun, which  enter and work in our body. These frequencies are extremely high - e.g. visible light has a frequency range of 430-770 THz (a tera Hertz = 1012 Hz).

Sun's Electromagnetic radiation

Ideally, use a full body mat

A full body mat  allows you to relax during therapy - which provides encouragement for regular sessions.

Mat coils are better made of tightly wound copper

Field needs to switch polarity about every 2 minutes - to prevent the body gtting used to it

Separate coils should be located at head, torso and feet with magnetic field intensities decreasing from the head to the feet - the head is sensitive, and the feet are tolerant of higher intensities, since  they are usually closer to the ground where the earth's geomagnetic field is greater.

Treatment session length - Using the above criteria for a PEMF device, treatment times on a PEMFT full body mat are typically less than 10 mins twice / day.

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