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How to use the SOTA 'Silver Pulser' to purify blood - Simple Instructions

The SOTA Silver pulser

Uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to purify the blood

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Read all information here before using the Silver pulser

What is the SOTA Silver pulser and What Does it Do?

Most health problems arise when . . . the blood becomes so “dirty” that it cannot effectively deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells for them to be able to produce sufficient energy to accomplish their tasks. In addition, the immune system becomes overwhelmed and unable to keep up with its ongoing housekeeping tasks, such as destroying and cleaning out microbes, toxins and cancer cells.

-   The Silver pulser utilizes PEMF therapy  to purify the blood.   Getting rid of toxins and unwanted microbes, clears the way for oxygen/nutrient delivery, and improves cellular energy production. Most importantly, immune system function is restored, enabling it to more effectively “sweep out” toxins, cancer cells and any new invading pathogens.

In the Beck Protocol, the Silver pulser is used together with the Magnetic pulser to cleanse lymph and organs, and drinking both ionic colloidal silver to assist the immune system and ozonated water (or copious amounts of regular water with an alternative oxidative therapy).

The Silver pulser accesses the blood externally at the wrist - producing micropulses (as a voltage square wave) which induce a minute current of 50-100 µA in the blood circulating past at the pulse points on the wrist. Blood takes about a minute to circulate through the body.

-   This microcurrent is shown to destroy all bacteria, fungi and viruses in the blood

-   This level of current works with the similar levels of currents naturally flowing in the body.  It is 1000 times less than that used in the FDA-approved TENS units.

-   The process is non-invasive.   i.e. your blood stays in your body, and the treatment is harmless to healthy cells.

Technical Information

Output Signal Information

 -    Output Voltage at Copper Stimulator Probes: 31 Volts (Peak per Cycle, 62 Volts Peak-Peak) Bi-Phasic at ~3.92 Hz per half cycle +/- 1 Hz. Each half cycle outputs half the Earth's Schumann frequency of 7.83Hz. Note the extremely square and symmetrical waveform (called a voltage square wave) free of any spikes or abnormalities, .

-   Output Current at Copper Stimulator Probes:  when control knob is on full intensity, the current is a maximum of ~8 milliamps (mA) through 1000 ohms (typical resistance of electrode-to-electrode tissue is ~2000 ohms)    (~12 milliamps when probes are shorted). Due to the resistance of skin, tissue and blood vesel walls, this level of externally applied current is necessary to create a therapeutic-level current of around 50-100 micro-amps in the blood. It is noted that a comfortable current range applied to skin is ~ 3-7 mA.  (Beck Protocol Handbook)


Power source

Uses 9V Alkaline Battery (NOT a heavy duty battery).  One battery will last about 3 weeks. If you are planning extensive use of the Silver pulser, it would be more economical to buy and use a rechargeable 9V battery and battery recharger. Be aware that some 9V batteries are fatter than others - to ensure it fits, take the SOTA Silver pulser to the store and try it in for size.


Beck Protocol Handbook

Attend to Diet, Lifestyle and Emotional State

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