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GSE How to Use SOTA Bio-Tuner - Simple Instructions

ABOUT - The SOTA Bio-Tuner for CES Therapy

(The SOTA Bio-Tuner is Dr. Robert Beck's "Brain Tuner")

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The Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES) therapy provided by the SOTA Bio-Tuner is used to re-balance and improve hormone production - and thus enhance associated bodily functions, since, in addition to the nervous system, our body's operations are controlled by the hormones produced by our endocrine glands and other organs.

To read about the benefits of CES therapy:

Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES) THERAPY

CES therapy is especially beneficial with brain related conditions – E.g. Insomnia, depression, drug withdrawal, poor memory, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's.

Most problems require using the Bio-Tuner 20 minutes per day for about 3 weeks

Waveforms and Frequencies of SOTA Bio-Tuner

Beck's Brain Tuner (SOTA Bio-tuner) outputs a complex waveform in the three neurotransmitter frequency ranges for encephalins, catecholamines, and betaendorphins - Dr. Beck set up the frequencies in bundles, so that instead of outputting each frequency separately for each neurotransmitter, he put 256 special healing frequencies together like a resonating chord of music.

The SOTA Bio-Tuner is microprocessor-controlled - and includes a crystal timer to ensure stable and precise frequencies output in a modified rectilinear waveform. The Bio-Tuner puts out a very weak, pulsing electro-magnetic signal radiating in ALL directions.

In all modes, the base frequency of 1,000 Hz is pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz - the "magic" frequency found to produce benefits;

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