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How to Use the SOTA Magnetic Pulser - Simple Instructions

SOTA magnetic pulser for pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy

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For instructions on how to use the SOTA Magnetic Pulser:

SOTA Magnetic Pulser - How to Use for PEMF therapy

What is the SOTA magnetic pulser and what does it do?

The SOTA Magnetic Pulser is a tool providing its user with a pulsed, electromagnetic (EM) field for the purpose of inducing a therapeutic microcurrent (µA) in body tissues.   The EM field strength of this tool allows the PEMF to penetrate to ALL body cells, bones and tissues in proximity to paddle.

The MP6 SOTA Magnetic Pulser runs off  12V DC and has two EM field strength modes.     Both modes have a pulse time of 2.5 milliseconds (mS).  EM field strength drops off rapidly with distance away from paddle face.  

Regular Mode: ~255 pulses per 20-30 min cycle with an EM field strength of >6000 gauss (600,000 µTesla) at the paddle face, tapering  to near zero at ~ 9 inches away; E.g. EM field strength at 1" away from coil face is around 2000 gauss, and at 4 " away, it is only ~180 Gauss.

Fast Mode (more pulses in given treatment time but at a lower EM field strength).  This is ideal for reaching areas close to the surface of the body): ~1400 pulses per 20-30 minute cycle with EM field strength of 2500 gauss (250,000 µTesla) at the paddle face, tapering to near zero at ~ 7 inches away". E.g. EM field strength at 4" away from coil face is ~75 Gauss (7,500uT)

(1 Gauss is approximately equivalent to twice the average strength of the the Earth's geomagnetic field)

The SOTA® Magnetic Pulser has an impulse waveform.    It charges for a few seconds and then discharges in 2.5 mS. It does not have a constant frequency, or even specific frequencies, but disperses a spray of frequencies (around 4 Hz) with each pulse.

What are the general health benefits of using the magnetic pulser for healing?

•Deactivate bacteria, fungi and viruses *

•Reduce inflammation

•Increase cellular energy production

•Calm nerves

•Destroy cancer cells

•Increase blood oxygen

•Slow down OVER-active organs

•Reduce pain

•Reduce congestion

•Dissolve Fat

•Increase alkalinity

•Control bleeding

* The Magnetic Pulser can neutralize any germinating, incubating, electro-sensitive pathogens in the “pulsed” areas.   Preventing their re-infection of the blood. These include bacteria, fungi/yeasts, and viruses such as herpes B, HIV, hepatitis, Epstein-Barrand many others that can hide WITHIN nerve sheaths and are therefore untouchable by the immune system's white blood cells.

What do I use the Magnetic Pulser for?

General Detoxification

As in the Beck Protocol:

Detoxification using the Beck Protocol


PEMF therapy accelerates healing by regenerating and revitalizing cells damaged by trauma

Crushed/severed Blood Vessels and Injuries involving muscles and Connective Tissue, soft Tissue Injuries (E.g. Sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Physical workout aches/pains) and Damaged Tendons/Ligaments

-   Reduces inflammation /edema and pain.   Increases range of motion, relaxes muscles.

-   Increases blood flow when circulation has been impaired.  Whether by crushed or severed blood vessels or by inflammation and swelling that compress capillaries. This increases nutrient supplies to aid cell repair and accelerate healing.

-   Accelerates healing in injured ligaments and tendons.  PEMF therapy enhances cell multiplication and speeds formation of new collagen in injured ligaments and tendons

Detoxification of Organs E.g. Liver, kidneys, spleen

Shrink Cysts /Shrink tumors /Eliminate Skin cancer

Back Pain

Arthritic Pain

Wound Repair without scars

PEMF therapy converts fibroblast cells maintaining scar tissue into embryonic- looking cells.    These can convert into the cell type needed to convert the damaged tissue region into normal healthy tissue.

Varicose Veins /Ulcerated Varicose Veins / Spider veins

Pain and Inflammation

PEMF therapy is best known for its pain control.    Particularly in soft tissue injuries (e.g. sprains, wounds, post-surgical wound pain); Fibromyalgia; TMJ Syndrome; Neuropathies; Arthritis; Bursitis; Tendonitis; Post Exercise Muscle Soreness Prevention; Back Pain; Raynaud's Syndrome;

Inflammation.     Damaged cells have reduced membrane potentials causing sodium ions to enter the cell, and negative trace elements, and protein to leave the cell. Extra liquid in the interstitial area causes swelling or edema. PEMF therapy accelerates the restoration of normal membrane potentials, thus aiding healing of most wounds and reducing swelling faster.

For instructions on how to use the SOTA Magnetic Pulser:

SOTA Magnetic Pulser - How to Use for PEMF therapy

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