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Bob Beck Interview

How much do the SOTA units cost? (as of Sep. 2019)

Product name Model $USD
Silver Pulser SP6 $320.00
Magnetic Pulser MP5 $395.00
Water Ozonator WOZ5 $395.00
Bio Tuner BT7 $275.00

Several online sources offer SOTA products, usually at the same price as SOTA (located in Canada).

Without affiliation, the following site is run by Volker Risto, who worked with Dr. Bob Beck from 1985 to 2003. Unlike SOTA (who are legally restricted by Health Canada), he is able to offer detailed information on products by telephone. He also has a 2 day delivery time by priority mail from California, and is able to ship internationally at a lower cost than SOTA.

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And by the way - you can usually find used units on ebay.

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