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GSE How to use the SOTA 'Silver Pulser' to purify blood - Simple Instructions

How to use the SOTA Silver pulser  to Cleanse the Blood

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Read all information here before using the Silver pulser

FIRST - and this is important . . .

You need to drink plenty of water whilst undergoing PEMFT -  effectiveness of therapy is much improved if you keep well-hydrated;


Instructions for using the Silver pulser to Cleanse the Blood

For General or Emergency Use?

For General Detoxification:

-    Use the blood purifier for 2 hours daily (Can split this into smaller sessions) for at least 3 weeks - If the cleansing reactions (see below) have stopped and you are feeling well and energetic, you're done. Otherwise you will need to continue treatment. It may take 2 -3 months for serious health problems.

For Sudden Problems - E.g. Food Poisoning, Poisonous Bites (Snake, Spider, Rabid Animal, etc), Blood poisoning

-   Use Silver pulser for several hours continuously, according to the severity of situation - people have tested the continuous use of the blood purifier, and demonstrated no long term adverse effects, other than greater detoxification symptoms.

Preparation for Use

Prepare and label a sea-salt-in-water solution for electrode wetting - This solution provides the conductive interface between the cotton-covered electrodes and the skin.Add 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) to 2 oz. water (a dropper bottle is convenient). Greater salt concentration can cause cosmetic skin burns, irritation and rash.

-   Add 4 drops of colloidal silver solution if you have some.

-   If you don't have any sea salt, or if saline solution produces a rash during treatment, just use plain water - if you don't have any sea salt, or if saline solution produces a rash during treatment, just use plain water.

Optionally, for best electrical conductance, clean skin at contact area - Scrub skin on inside wrists with an alcohol swab or soap and water to eliminate skin oils, grime, dead skin cells, etc. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Mark Contact Points on Skin at Pulse locations - referring to illustrations in SOTA's Silver pulser manual, carefully feel for radial and ulnal pulses and trace a line about 1 inch long at each wrist site precisely on top and in line (parallel) with located blood paths(Pulses on ulnar location opposite thumb are harder to feel).

DRINK 8oz. of WATER at the beginning and end of  treatment to aid in detoxification


Dampen cotton electrode sleeves with saline solution (or plain water)  - remove excess solution by squeezing them inside a paper towel or towel, then insert each electrode inside the middle of a cotton sleeve to completely cover the metal.

-   If necessary later, keep electrode sleeves damp by re-moistening.

-   NEVER let bare metal electrode touch skin directly, or it will burn.

-   Alternatives to using ready-made cotton sleeves - may be necessary “in a pinch”

Wind a piece of damp paper towel around the electrode - make sure you fold a piece of the edge over the tip to cover it.

Wind a small piece of absorbent cotton material around the electrode and then secure in place by winding cotton thread around the fabric - make sure you fold an edge over the tip to cover it

Position and secure both dampened, cotton-covered electrodes on the same wrist precisely over traced pulse paths (wires trailing up the forearm).

-   DO NOT place electrodes over new lesions, cuts, abrasions, or sunburn.

-   Secure electrodes snugly in place using 1" wide stretch elastic band with Velcro - With the electrode positions on thumb (radial) side, and the second on the other inside (ulnar) of the same wrist, the current is confined to the blood in the lower forearm. Very little electrification is detectable elsewhere thus making it safer for those with a heart-pacer). Red and green LED's flash alternately with electrodes unplugged when it is working properly.

NOTE: SOTA is now offering cotton sleeves with velcro on one side, which some may find preferable for positioning and holding the sleeves in place.

Activating the Silver Pulser

Plug in electrode wires to Silver pulser, mount unit on large Velcro stretch-band holder, and attach band comfortably to upper arm. Turn on unit by rotating dial clockwise, and advance slowly to comfortable level - The SOTA Silver pulseris small, convenient, unobtrusive, and uses one 9V battery. It does not interfere with normal activities.

-   Muscle twitching in palm and fingers is normal and experienced occasionally.

Re-adjust power occasionally to maximum comfort level - It is usual that you become accustomed to the current after a while and need to turn it higher.

Keep the skin between the electrodes dry - this prevents a short-circuit across the wrist. Wipe the area intermittently with a tissue or paper towel to keep it dry.

Remember to turn off unit when the treatment session is over

For those with Sensitive Skin

A rash or irritation can sometimes occur in those with sensitive skin -the following tactics help to prevent irritation:

-   Alternate wrist on successive treatments

-   Apply soothing lotion after use - E.g. MSM cream, aloe vera gel


SOTA YouTube Video

Visual instructions on how to use SOTA's Silver Pulser

IMPORTANT Considerations

Discomfort can occur if you detoxify too rapidly

Detoxification reactions are called the Herxheimer's syndrome - symptoms can include fatigue, headache, rashes, fever, irritability, nausea, restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, dulled speech and more copious bowel movements. The immune system attacking and removing disabled viruses and bacteria causes these cleansing reactions. The individual needs to determine their own treatment pace, and may have to reduce treatment times, according to how they feel afterward.

To ease the cleansing reactions, the following are highly recommended:

1. Flush wastes: Increase water intake -Aim for an 8oz. Glass / Waking Hour

2. Oxidize Wastes:

EITHER - Include 2 - 3 glasses ozonated water / day (if available)

AND/OR - Take a daily 30 minute 3% hydrogen peroxide foot bath.

3. Move your lymph: Rebound, Exercise, Walk

During Blood Electrification, Substances in the blood are more easily absorbed into cells

Some substances may become toxic at a magnified level

Minimize daily herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements taking them about 15 minutes or so after treatment -This allows ~22 hours for them to leave your blood by the next treatment time.

If possible, discontinue all drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and laxatives - for at least 2 days before starting, and for the duration of blood electrification.

-   Go easy on the garlic - it contains an ingredient, which can be harmful if its levels are intensified.

-   If you feel you must take “mild” pharmaceuticals (NOT potent drugs. E.g. chemotherapy) - then take them 15 minutes or so after treatment.

Electrode Maintenance

Copper or silver electrodes may become tarnished after extensive use - simply use a “green scrubbie” to gently and easily remove this oxidative build-up, which intereferes with current flow. Note that newer electrodes have a rubber coating, which alleviates this issue.

Electrode Sleeve Maintenance - Soak electrode sleeves periodically in a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide to sterilize them.

SOTA Manual

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