Heal Yourself At Home
(1) Clean Body's Cleaning Organs
- - "N" = Nutrition
- - "E" = Exercise
- - "W" = Water
- - "S" = Sunlight
- - "T" = Thoughts
- - "A" = Air (Oxygen)
- - "R" = Rest
- - "T" = Trust in God
- - "S" = Sex
(3) Therapies Chart
- The Human Cell 101
- Cellular Respiration
- Acid /Alkaline Balance
- Oxidant /Antioxidant Balance
- Inflammation Information
- Hormones 101
- Neurotransmitters
- The Body Electric
- Bible References to Health
- Toxic Heavy Metals
- Microbes in Health and Disease
Alternative Health Therapies



Today’s Modern Lifestyle Taking its Toll on our Health


To restore or maintain health, you will need to adhere to a therapeutic plan, having the overall goal of increasing Cellular Energy production and restoring effective immune system function.

This is usually achieved by a 4-pronged approach:


(1) Detoxification therapies

(2) Balance/Improve incoming “Nutrients”

(3) Restore Cellular Communication Pathways

(4) Apply therapies to target your specific health problems



(1)     Detoxification Therapies


      Systemic Detoxification Therapies - dealing with any systemic health problem certainly requires the application of an effective systemic detoxification therapy. Over time, the body can accumulate toxins, be invaded by parasites or other micro-organisms, or establish an in-house environment conducive to the development and welfare of cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria, viruses or fungi/yeast. To prevent your immune system from becoming overwhelmed, leading to ill health, it makes sense that from time to time you apply a therapy to detoxify the body of any body-taxing accumulations and pathogens. This will provide clear pathways for DELIVERY SERVICE for OXYGEN and ELECTRONS to your cells, and so increase their energy production levels.




-       In this author's opinion, one of the best systemic detoxification therapies is - The Beck Protocol  -which safely and non-intrusively utilizes electromedicine to detoxify the blood and the body's cleansing organs.

      Local Detoxification Therapies - involve the application of detoxification therapies in specific areas of the body. E.g. Using Wild Oregano Oil as a supplement to get rid of bacteria causing a UTI in the urinary tract,  the topical application of tea-tree essential oil to deal with a fungal infection, such as athlete's foot, or using an electromagnetic tool, E.g. the SOTA Magnetic Pulser,  to cleanse the liver.


     (2) Balance / Improve Body’s Incoming “Nutrients”  


      “Nutrient” Imbalance –  It may be necessary to "zero in" on food nutrient imbalances specific to your individual case, to deal with nutritional excesses or deficiencies. However,  here, “nutrients” refers to more than just those found in food. Maintaining or restoring health requires that you attend daily to the 9 subjects represented by the NEWSTARTS  acronym:


Nutrition Exercise Water

Sunlight Thoughts Air Rest Trust in God Sex






(3)     Restore Cellular Communication Pathways


Cells must be able to "talk" to each other to organize the healthy upkeep of your body.


      Particularly important and often ignored, is the effect of any emotional baggage you are carrying - Past, present, imagined or predicted emotional trauma disrupts hormonal and electrical communication between your cells. Health problems are frequently tied to an emotional problem, which should be addressed as part of your health restoral plan.  



(4)     Apply Therapies to Target your Specific Health Problem


      For information on various health problems and charts of therapies for specific problems:




      Timing is of the essence – according to acupuncturists, certain organs have been shown to be more receptive to treatment at specific hours of the day.


 Timing is of the Essence


Of Special Mention


      Water - "2/3 of You" - Although this has been included in the NEWSTARTS list above, its importance can not be over-emphasized. Just drinking more water has provided healing all by itself. Drink about six 8oz. glasses of spring or mineral water spread throughout the day.


Water – 2/3 of You!


      Emotional State - All the nutrition and exercise in the world will not help you regain your health if you are harboring emotional "baggage", which disrupts cellular energy flow in the body and thus affects physical health. You are advised to take advantage of the Meridian Tapping Therapy (MTT), which is a simple, but very helpful (if somewhat bizarre) DIY “tool” used to clear the body's energy pathways (meridians) and balance hormones, which have usually been disrupted by emotional trauma.




      Simple “Therapy” to Build-up those who are Weak and Debilitated



Delicious “Pick-Me-Up” Smoothie

(Drink Daily)


Mix in a blender:

         2 eggs - Use pasteurized (infection-free; E.g. Davidson’s® brand) (once they’re blended,  you won’t even know they’re in  there!)

         8oz. fruit juice - fresh squeezed or juiced is best

         ½ tsp. ascorbic acid powder (Vitamin C)

         ½ Banana, Handful of fresh berries

         Ice cubes - to preference ( not necessary if you used frozen berries).





Therapies Chart

  1-2-3-4 Therapy Plan

  Herxheimer Reaction

  Timing is of the Essence


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