Heal Yourself At Home
Hot / Cold Hydrotherapy

Hot / Cold Hydrotherapy

- VERY POWERFUL therapy to increase blood circulation

What is HOT/COLD hydrotherapy?

Blood is moved in and out of body areas to increase circulation by alternately immersing the body or a part of the body in HOT then COLD water - A HOT/COLD shower or footbath can also pump blood throughout the entire system.

–   HOT water (hyperthermia) draws blood from other parts of the body and the body core into the skin and muscle because of the reflex dilation effect.

–   COLD water expels blood from the surface into other parts of the body and into the organs, glands and bone because of a constrictive effect.

Better circulation means improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells and more efficient removal of cellular waste, toxins and pathogens

Powerful therapy - According to renowned herbal healer Dr. Schultze, this therapy is so powerful that tumors can shrink by 50% in hours (presumeably by improving the delivery of oxygen, nutrients/herbal remedies in the blood to the needed areas).

How to apply HOT/COLD hydrotherapy

Use a shower wand, or hot and cold footbaths or basins/bowls for alternate dipping of body parts

Start with HOT water for 1 minute, then COLD water for 1 minute.

Repeat this 7 times –the process should last about 15-20 minutes(The reflex action of the hot or cold bath will decrease if it is too long in duration).

Using a shower wand, work up to HOTTEST and COLDEST water.

Massaging problem areas further increases circulation.

End with a COOL rinse.

Repeat this HOT/COLD process another time in the day.