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GSE About Estrogens

Estrogens Predominately female sex hormones

About Estrogens

Estrogens are a subclass of the sex steroid hormones – which also includes androgens and progestagens

Hormones 101 –“Feel Good, Look Good”

Sex Steroid Hormones

–    Renowned as the hormones that makes a woman female - Estrogens are responsible for breasts, hips, menstrual periods, soft skin, and a higher-pitched voice

–   Estrogens also regulate the development, growth, pubertal maturation, and reproductive processes in both females and males.

Health Effects in Body

The 3 most significant estrogens are produced from androgens through the action of enzymes:

–    ESTRADIOL (E2, 17ß-ESTRADIOL) – the predominant form in non-pregnant females from menarche to menopause; the most powerful and most carcinogenic.

–    ESTRONE (E3) – produced and more predominant during menopause; 70% less biologically active than ESTRADIOL;

–    ESTRIOL (E1) - primary estrogen of pregnancy; least powerful and most beneficial;

Estrogen production – the female ovaries are not the only source of estrogen which is also produced by the metabolic activity of certain enzymes in adrenal glands, fat, skin, and many other peripheral sites :

Estrogen Production in Reproductive-age Women

Estrogen Production in Men and Post-menopausal women

Estrogen Production Site Chart

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