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 -  Increase body's PROGESTERONE levels

First try to reduce body's excess estrogen

The first approach to an estrogen dominance over PROGESTERONE (in women) or TESTOSTERONE (in men) is to reduce estrogen levels in the body - For information on how to decrease the body's excess estrogen levels, see:

Reduce estrogen levels

How to raise body's PROGESTERONE levels

(a) Help adrenal glands increase their PROGESTERONE production

The innermost layer of the adrenal glands produces small amounts of the sex hormones (Androgens, estrogens and PROGESTERONE )

Too high  vitamin E (>600IU) intake reduces LDL-Cholesterol - a precursor for producing PROGESTERONE


✔ High intake of animal fats and elevated estrogen levels decrease PROGESTERONE synthesis


Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 promote PROGESTERONE synthesis - according to Dr. Ray Peat

Raymond F. Peat, Estrogen: Simply Dangerous, Ray Peat's newsletter, July 1995


PROGESTERONE-boosting Foods – include: avocado, raw nuts and seeds, olives, salmon and tuna;

Hormone balancing herbs – Dong Quai, Wild yams, Macafem, Licorice, Vitex

(b) Try and reduce stress

Stress uses up PROGESTERONE – when under stress, most of the PROGESTERONE produced by the body is converted into the corticosteroid hormones to deal with emotional stress or fight or flight situations. This creates an estrogen dominance situation leading to insomnia and anxiety, which further taxes the adrenals, and a vicious cycle continues as PROGESTERONE is used to make stress hormones.

Balance Adrenal “Stress Management”Glands

(c) Supplement with bio-identical PROGESTERONE

One should exercise caution when considering or utilizing PROGESTERONE supplementation.

FIRST - use other tactics to NATURALLY boost PROGESTERONE and reduce estrogen levels in the body:

Before considering PROGESTERONE supplementation

However - PROGESTERONE Supplementation is used successfullly (with minimal risk) to Prevent miscarriage and preterm labor/premature birth related to Luteal Phase Deficiency (LPD) by boosting  PROGESTERONE levels - which are naturally high during pregnancy.

PROGESTERONE for Conception and Pregnancy Problems related to Luteal Phase Deficiency (LPD)

PROGESTERONE supplementation may be beneficial when you are living today's 'Typical' lifestyle - as it helps to control your hormone imbalance symptoms. However, controlling symptoms does not bring about healing. Only our bodies can heal, and when we keep putting stuff in and on our bodies in an attempt to promote healing, we just get in our body's way. Again, decreasing the body's estrogen load should be the first approach to your hormone imbalance.

For information on how to increase PROGESTERONE levels in the body in order to counter-balance estrogen presence:

How to supplement PROGESTERONE



The Estrogen Alternative: A guide to Natural Hormone Balance

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